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Worktop assembly and cupboards’ preparation for installation

Natural stone is elegant and durable material that is perfect for making kitchen worktops. It is durable, resistant to mechanical damage and high temperature effects. What is more, its universality makes it fit every interior design. It is extremely easy to be kept clean and the only problems one can encounter are the ones connected to its installation. Obviously, they can be dealt with too! In this article we describe how to install the worktop and how to prepare cupboards for this process.

Installation of kitchen worktop has to be preceded with doing some activities that will guarantee the final result really excellent. Moving the back of the cupboards to the wall and their leveling is highly advised. Naturally, all the furniture has to be placed in the target spot and not moved after the measurements are completed. Why? Because setting them differently may cause inaccuracies to occur in our measurements and it will become much harder to adjust the worktop perfectly. It should be added that additional strengthening of cupboards is not necessary. If the furniture trunks are not empty, then it should have no problem sustaining worktop’s weight. However, if they are not strong enough, then out of boards a proper chassis needs to be made. It is sufficient enough to screw long and thick boards to the places where the worktop will be attached (they should be wider than the boards that served to make trunks and fronts and should not stick out). Obviously, the surface that the worktop is going to be attached should be perfectly level, so if there is any unevenness present, then it should be removed.

Stone worktop may be installed in many ways, however we will focus on the three most commonly practiced.

Worktop is to be attached to every corner, both external and internal. One needs to keep in mind that fixings cannot be placed further than 10 cm from worktop’s edge and spaces between them cannot be smaller than 1 m.

Worktop may also be attached to the base made of fireboard, chipboard or veneer that is 15-25 mm thick and 15×15 cm wide. To its installation one may use perforated angles together with screws, and when the base is stable, worktop can be attached using very strong assembly adhesive.

Stone worktop may also be attached to already existing base surface, but it needs to be evened and cleaned for the selected silicon glue to bind both materials well.

Which way you go comes down only to you and your preferences.

We just want to say that every single one of suggested solutions guarantees truly gratifying effect!


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