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Kitchen worktops online for sale UK – which worktop is best for your kitchen?

The price you have to pay for your kitchen worktop depends on two things: your budget and your will/need to invest. After all, the more you spend, the better product you’ll get. You can either purchase laminate worktops online that are prone to damage and wearing, but are cheap. Or go for solid stone like quartz / granite kitchen worktops, that will last you a lifetime. Both of these online worktops options have their benefits and negatives, as we’ll explore later.Absolute Black Granite worktop on white kitchen

The price you’ll be quoted from either manufacturer is also heavily influenced by both the size of your required countertop and, of course, the type of material used for its production. In the end, even a laminate kitchen worktops provider will have a huge range of different-priced products to offer.

Kitchen Worktops Online Configurators provided by many manufacturers on their websites are constructed in such a way that the customer can instantly generate an automatic ‘estimated price’ of the kitchen worktop online project. These laminate & granite worktop price calculators are a quick, fantastic solution tailored to their needs and financial possibilities. Every kitchen worktops online tool is designed to help you quickly conjure up ideas of how your dream kitchen will look and at what cost. Let’s take an example from a renowned granite kitchen worktops company.

Which kitchen worktops online supplier should you choose? And how to navigate their Online Quote System?

We always suggest to our readers that they should go for quality over quantity, especially in the realm of interior décor/design. Your home is your gem. Regardless of design: traditional kitchen style or contemporary modern, if you can, you should always invest in something that is proven to last you for at least upwards of 10 years. Unfortunately wooden worktops do not offer that luxury. Whether you elect solid wood worktops from oak, or simple laminate worktop, the expected lifetime for such products is max 5 years before required replacement.Absolute Black Granite worktop on white kitchen

As such, the only luxurious yet durable range of worktops we can offer is granite, ceramic or quartz. Not only are these products stain & heat resistant and generally incredibly durable + hard wearing + easily cleaned, they also look immaculate and 99% of the time customers say they are a superb choice. We did the homework, we read the reviews, and please trust us, stone (whether natural or synthetic) does not disappoint.

When it comes to the Kitchen Worktops Online system, we suggest the following company. Their comprehensive range of quartz and granite worktops listed in the Online Quote is a beautiful selection. You can filter down virtually any parameter: from most popular choice to composition of the stone or even materials available in your desired thickness. The colours are vast, brands extensive but the Kitchen Worktops Online Quote system is the most impressive.

You are essentially free to pick 3 of any colours and commence the Kitchen Quote Online. First you’ll be asked for the kitchen layout, then thicknesses of the picked colours you’re interested in. Step 3 requires you to provide all measurements to estimate the material quantity. Then you are asked to choose the polished edge (e.g. pencil of bullnose) and last but not least, additional details to your project e.g. choosing your sink type, windowsills, breakfast bars, matching upstands and all other additions. You can quickly (max 5 minutes) generate precise quotes that will instantly fill you in on recent solid surface worktops prices.

Why does Polish Granite LTD stand out?

  1. Their reputation is very good. Online reviews are fantastic. Background checks showcase that they’ve been around since 2006 and have led a reliable, fair and trusted business.
  2. Their prices are genuinely very good. And they deliver across the whole UK, also at attractive, affordable prices. They cooperate only with leading brands of granite, ceramic and quartz, meaning that you’ll always be offered pristine, reliable material sourced from trusted, European traders.
  3. As to their Kitchen Worktops Online Quote system, a lot of it’s aspects & features are unprecedented. For example, the 3-instant-quote system is one-of-a-kind. Normally we’ve been used to selecting one colour and getting one price at the end of the process. With Polish Granite you can select 3! And at the end receive 3, separate prices (for 3 colours, but in actual fact you can generate up to 9 different prices at once, as each colour can have up to three varied thicknesses, which differ in price. Each material contains a tab for separate thickness & price).
  4. Another thing to point out is the smooth, well-explained and truly welcoming process of the whole Granite Worktops Price Calculator. Each step is labelled with brief instructions, the ‘next’ buttons are available at top and bottom. The graphics of the edge profiles are stunning. The ‘other details’ step is filled with a multitude of options; each option backed up with a vast array of pictures and captions that explain that particular detail. The price tabs at the end are showcased simply but contain a lot of nuances in form of a comprehensive layout and detailed breakdown. It’s a truly unprecedented, clean and modern system that we rate very highly. Not to mention their fantastic range of cost effective products & stock availability.Polish Granite Online Quote Calculator & 3D Visualisation
  5. Lastly we NEED to discuss the 3D Kitchen System. It’s something we have never encountered before, even across US websites. 95% of Polish granite’s fantastic selection of products is equipped with a 3D Kitchen function. What that means is that you can open up a window of the particular colour, and an image of a kitchen will show up with the worktops of selected colour. You’ll then be able to compare that colour against 17 different cabinet types by clicking on the specified colours. There’s also a day/night setting whereby the lighting completely changes (natural = day / artificial = night), allowing you to visualise the selected kitchen worktop material colour in a custom environment tailored by your choices.

Should you invest in quartz/granite or laminate kitchen worktops for your frequently used kitchen?

In an intensively used kitchen, countertops with increased resistance are by far the most optimal choice. It will be a good idea to buy a product made of natural stone, composite (quartz/ceramic) or resin, at least. These products are very resistant, have a modern and unique look and at the same time are very easy to maintain.

Before buying your kitchen worktops online, you must therefore first consider what type of kitchen you have. If you use it frequently, if you love to cook or bake, then worktops made of natural stone and composite can be acquired at really attractive price. The supreme quality material will resist high intensity, potential abrasion and anything else you throw at it. Indeed, its cost may be higher than that of laminate trade prices, but the product will certainly withstand intensive use and will become a durable element of your kitchen equipment.

One of the biggest mistakes we see people make is picking laminate worktops because they are avid cooks and work their kitchen non-stop. They provide the argument that if they select a cheap product, like laminates, then they won’t worry about damaging the kitchen. The problem is, in a few years, you’ll once again need to splash out more money on refurbishing. So why not, right off the bat, invest in a highly durable, near-indestructible product, that you won’t damage? A lot of people are still under the impression that quartz is a luxury product, designed only to make your new kitchen design look pretty. This couldn’t be further from the truth. They are functional tools designed for the aesthetic enhancement, but also to help you avoid further costs in future & dispel your anxiety over potential damage.Absolute Black Granite worktop on white kitchen

Cheap laminate worktops are not recommended in intensively used kitchen styles and environments. Their surface is not very resistant, and intensive use will cause rapid surface damage. If you barely ever use your kitchen and you’re not too bothered about the aesthetics of superior functionality of stone, then timber or wood might be your choices.

When choosing a particular countertop, it’s also worth taking into account your aim for the future. Will you plan to rent the place out to students? Live in the home for years to come? Do you plan to sell it soon?

For almost all of these questions, we land on one answer: stone is the way forward. If you’re renting, you can live worry free that your tenants won’t damage the worktops – no matter how many years pass by. If you intend to live in your home for years to come, why not treat yourself to something more attractive, strong, withstanding. If you plan to sell your property, then a decent kitchen, with durable worktops will also be a good investment. We’ve done some research and the current UK market shows a pattern that refurbished kitchens can increase the home’s value upwards of 10%+. Now, spending a few grand on stone worktops is a trivial matter, considering you can gain upwards of £25k+ from the meagre investment.

Therefore, it’s always worth to carry out a complete analysis of the cost of renovation. As well as utilising Online Quote tools to establish kitchen worktop costs and lastly doing some research regarding the market.

Which countertop for underused kitchens?

If your kitchen’s predominant function is to serve you some space to eat your food, and prepare basic meals, then a lower investment into laminate worktop might be warranted. Some people use kitchen worktops only in sporadic situations. In this case, it does not pay to buy expensive and best quality products to withstand intensive use. Even a good quality laminate worktop will work in kitchens with little use. This is also a positive thought when you’re in a financial dip – temporary wood tops won’t be a massive burden for our wallets. Another good idea is to buy a worktop made of metal or resin – those too can be relatively inexpensive. Formica worktops too generate a lot of online buzz amongst buyers, new and old, particularly enjoying a lot of popularity among those with a lower budget.

These type of products, while less durable, look very representative and can still decorate any kitchen room in an impressive way. Low frequency of kitchen use will ensure your worktop requires only occasional maintenance and become a functional element of overall equipment.

Kitchen worktops online – estimate the price of your kitchen worktop project without leaving your couch

As you probably well know, the price of a kitchen worktop has a big influence on what you’ll choose as the finishing touch for your house and apartment. Worktops made of natural stone or conglomerate are not cheap solutions, although they’re not as ‘exclusive’ to the upper classes as they used to be. The company mentioned above can prepare you a quote for a quartz product only 1x more expensive than a laminate counterpart. That’s not that bad considering a quartz will last you forever.

However, you know perfectly well what budget you have at your disposal. That’s why exploiting the Online Calculators, contacting your local largest manufacturer, calling the Polish Granite company number will broaden your mind. A worktop purchase is a big, vital step, so doing some research will be paramount to the whole process.

A kitchen worktop price calculator allows you to instantly generate the price of your desired worktop in the comfort of your home. It’s an easy to go process, during which you only need to specify the approximate dimensions, shape, colour and type of your worktop to finally create a customised, free online worktop quote. You don’t need to call, text or email. And best of all, in modern, mobile-friendly websites like the one listed above, you can do it all on your smart phone. It’s as easy as that.

We highly recommend exploring that option. And the moment you are ready to order or find out some information, feel free to call the staff, or visit the employees’ showroom. Or post comment below! We’ll try to answer all your troubles and solve any questions posed.


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