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Granite kitchen countertops London

Granite kitchen countertops London – installation instructions

Stony countertops can be either attached to a wall, or embedded in kitchen cupboards. The latter solution is much more common. Most of the time the installation process is taken care of by professional stone work companies, but there is literally no contraindicating for us to install them by ourselves. One only needs to know how it is properly done. That is why we decided to prepare a short list of instructions for you, to help you learn how to permanently install granite kitchen countertops London in order to gain lasting and top effect. You will find all the details below.

Granite kitchen countertops London – installation guide

First thing to do is to check the level of the surface and the degree of its evenness. If there are any of imperfections present, they have to be taken out immediately.

Afterwards, one should proceed with countertop installation according to one of three ways. The first one suggests installing the countertop on every corner, both external and internal. However, one has to bear in mind to keep the distance of 10 cm from the countertop edge, but not any further. What is more, spaces between the fixings of all the countertop blocks cannot be bigger than 1 m. The second way is about installing the countertop to the countertop base that was prepared earlier using perforated angle brackets and screws. Stone plates are to be affixed to it using versatile and very strong glue. The last solution to install granite kitchen countertops London is to glue them to already existing and both stable and even base, like an old countertop made of chip board. Obviously, such installation requires usage of super-strong glue.

Next step is making fittings, although it has to be preceded with preparation of edges, which needs to be done with the help of a milling machine. After indicating the milling spot, the leading board has to be taken using clamp and installed using hot pistol and after the work is completed, both the board and the glue have to be removed with a knife or a chisel. Next phase is removal of clamp and actual milling.

Later comes the time for polishing the frontal surfaces with 150/180 grain sandpaper. Performing such task will make the glue bind both boards more firmly. Obviously, the surface should be degreased and stitches need to be enhanced with 5-10 cm wide stone line and of the same girth as the countertop, before carrying on with connecting the boards. When all these steps are done, one can proceed to joining the countertops.

While joining the countertops it is important to not let them move, to keep them stable. In order to do so, one has to attach adhesive tape just below the stitch. Then the boards may be placed alongside each other, but with the maximal distance between them being 3 mm. Later, the contiguous edges just need to be covered with glue and the blocks set up. Obviously, for granite kitchen countertops London to look the best, one should focus on the front edges forming an even line and the joining spots not being soiled so as not to change the color or the stitches texture.

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