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Do you have a granite worktop at home that you would like to remain glossy and in a perfect shape? If so, you should clean it with special stone care agents. There are many different agents available on the market, so you will definitely find something that matches your needs. In this article we discuss the composition of these agents and directions for use, so you are kindly invited to keep on reading.


Granite care agents protect the stone from excessive drying and precisely remove greasy and oily stains, residue and other traces of use. Active substances clean and preserve stone’s surface, so that it retains its natural beauty. Acids and waxes that could potentially destroy the stone’s structure are absent in these agents, which means they are safe to use. They polish and provide a glossy effect but they do not cause the stone to become slippery, so they can also be used for floors. We recommend to use this type of products instead of other cleaning agents and glass cleaners, which may react with the stone causing permanent damage.

Directions for use

Every single product should be used according to manufacturer’s recommendations on the leaflet. However, in case of the most popular granite care agents, it is recommended to use 25-50 ml of agent in 4-5 liters of warm water. The solution should be applied to the surface with a soft cloth or mop. After a while, we should dilute the solution (add another 3-4 liters of warm water) and wash the surface again. Then the product should be left to dry. It is not necessary to wash it off with water. Once the product absorbs, the surface can be wiped with cotton or chamois cloth, just to make sure. Proper use should not leave damp patches or fluid streaks. However, if they appear, try using less product the next time. This will make your solution weaker.


Stone care agents are chemical products so special precautions should be taken. If the product comes into contact with clothing, it should be immediately taken off. Do not inhale the liquid or vapor and avoid direct contact with the skin and eyes. Wear rubber gloves before use, and after use wash your hands thoroughly. While cleaning the surface, do not eat meals, drink or smoke cigarettes. The interior in which the treatment takes place should be well ventilated.

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