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White washed kitchen – enjoy the peace

White washed kitchen – practical aspects

Kitchen is a very important space in your house. Very often it’s the very center of everyday life and activities. It often buzzes with life from the very morning to late night. It serves a lot of practical purposes. From obvious one as preparing and eating meals to more unusual like socializing and meeting friends. It so happens, that many parties start and end up in the kitchen. Since, the kitchen is such an important part of your life it needs to be arranged and furnished with proper care and style. You can’t set on cheap materials and poor quality design. Your kitchen always needs to be warm and inviting, no matter the style being modern or traditional.

White washed kitchen is very good idea to go in all kinds of styles. Country style kitchen and sleek modern one can look perfect if they’re painted white. But for now, let’s just focus on practical aspects. First of all, white washed kitchen if painted with proper quality paint is easy to clean and maintain. Paints dedicated to kitchens are easily washed and it’s really simple to get rid of all accidental splashes or spills. White washed kitchen makes it look bigger that it really is. This is especially important in modern day small kitchens. Also, it’s bright so you don’t have to worry so much about proper lighting.

White washed kitchen – harmony of body and mind

White washed kitchen doesn’t mean it’s only the walls that are white. White washed can also include furniture and all the appliances and even decorative elements. The amount of whites depends only on you. Let’s just imagine a modern day kitchen with clean cut lines and easy to navigate layout to see what it can mean. Let’s say the walls are white, like sterile white of printing paper. All the appliances are white as well. It’s the same shade as the walls, maybe just a little more glossy. Only the small elements like handles are made of metal, dark and shiny. The countertops is white as well. It’s made of marble and it inevitably draws attention of your guests. And it’s just a one example of possible white washed kitcen.


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