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How do you prevent stone stairs from slippery?

Have you decided to build a stone staircase? Remember that they cannot be slippery, because only then will they be comfortable and completely safe to use. What should be done to prevent them from becoming slippery? We have a few propositions.

  1. Use for stairs tiles with a rough, and therefore non-slip, finish. Pea, sand, split, flame retardant, grooved, cut and chair textured products will work best. Their structure is irregular, so even when they’re wet or icy, your feet won’t lose grip, so the risk of falling is minimal.
  2. You can use electrically heated cladding on the external stairs to prevent icing on the steps. They consist of heating cables, humidity and temperature sensors and thermoregulators. They switch on automatically and are completely safe. The devices take the necessary measurements and determine whether it is necessary to heat the surface.
  3. When it comes to internal stairs, it is best to use anti-slip protection in the form of rough adhesive tapes or refined profile rubbers. A good solution is also to install brass, steel or aluminium profiles in the steps.
  4. The slippery surface of the stairs can be significantly reduced by making milled cuts (strips) in the stairs. However, you must be careful not to damage the structure of the material permanently. What is more, after the work has been done, you should protect the stone with an impregnating agent, which will increase its resistance to stains and moisture. In order to ensure that everything is done properly, we advise you to seek professional help or purchase products that have already been adapted in this way.
  5. Material or rubber rugs can also be attached to stone stairs. Of course, they will not look so impressive, but when there is no other option, it is worth to use this idea.


Finally, we will only mention that there is no obligation for anti-slip solutions in homes. So if using the stairs is comfortable and does not pose a risk of falling, there is nothing to worry about. It is enough to be particularly careful when climbing, and after washing the stairs wait until they are completely dry.


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