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Unlimited possibilities for the use of granite off cuts

Granite off cuts

Natural stone has a wide range of applications. We make beautiful countertops for kitchens and bathrooms, we finish floors and walls with it, we create elegant stairs and fireplace casings. However, this is only the beginning of the proposal for the use of stones such as granite, because there are many more of them.

Unlimited possibilities for the use of granite offcuts

Stone companies often require customers to purchase the entire stone slab, for example for a worktop or window sill. Usually the minimum length of a worktop is 3-4 meters, so if the customer needs a smaller element, in this case, usually after installation smaller or larger pieces of stone are left. How can we use the granite off cuts?

Depending on the size of the material you can use granite off cuts on:

  • table top, bedside table, chest of drawers
  • wall-bracket plinths
  • cutting boards or boards
  • decorative doorways
  • window sills
  • kitchen and bathroom shelves
  • decorative tiles
  • vase supports, cups and other utensils
  • stable and decorative loudspeaker stands, standing lamps
  • garden decoration elements
  • house number plates
  • paperweights
  • wall mosaics

These are just a few of our proposals, because different decorative stones also have a much wider application, so you can adjust them individually to the interior design. Today, granite elements are very popular in interiors, so such decorations will surely be a hit.

Of course, other granite off cuts can also be glued together – for this purpose, adhesives designed for natural stone are most often used, which will not damage the surface of the stone. These elements can also be engraved using the laser method, for example house number or other inscriptions or graphics can be made on them.
So if you have any granite left over from your kitchen or bathroom countertop, you don’t have to throw it away, because you can use it to create a variety of decorations both inside and outside your home.


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