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Resin coating of textures

All you need to know about surface resin coating of textures

Resin coating of surfaces with epoxy or polyester substances is one of the most common treatments performed in masonry facilities. It allows for quick and effective fixing and improving of the texture applied to material. Moreover, it protects the stone’s structure from dirt and moisture. Advantages, effects and reasons why resin coating is so popular, are discussed in the further part of the article. We kindly invite you to keep on reading!

Resin coating of textures – information

  • Covering of the stone’s surface with resin causes the micropores to close. Therefore the stone becomes more resistant to the effects of moisture and water can not penetrate its structure.
  • Resin coating allows for permanent intensification of the natural tone of the material.
  • There are no contraindications to use resin coating on every stage of production of masonry products.
  • The use of pigment resins allows for changing the tone and even the colour of the stone. As a result, the clients have an even bigger variety of colours to choose from.
  • Resin coating is helpful in achieving the effect of polished surfaces in stones, that would otherwise require a prior impregnation.
  • Covering of the stone’s surface with resin makes it even and smooth. It allows for filling in of all furrows, small holes and scratches that occur in basalts, certain kinds of granite, travertine and certain varieties of marbles, onyxes and limestones.
  • In most of the cases, only resin coating allows for achieving perfectly smooth surface, that provides the effect of mirror glass.
  • Resin coating causes the material to become electrostatically indifferent, so that no dust gathers on its surface. This is a perfect solution that will be particularly appreciated by housewives and allergy sufferers.
  • Resin coating protects the material from direct contact with chemicals that could possibly react with it, causing fading, discoloration or unaesthetic spots.
  • Resin coating of products meant for outdoor use makes their surface “self-cleaning”. The rain and wind keeps it in perfect shape.
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