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Stone in the interior – with what materials should we combine it?

Are you planning to use stone in the interior but don’t know with what materials to combine it in order to achieve satisfying effect? You have several options – wood, metal and glass. In what interiors will these combinations work and what effect will they provide? We are here to explain this!

Stone in the interior – materials you can combine it with

  • Metal – stainless steel brings a cold touch to the interior. Its advantages are austerity and minimalism that can be broken by stone. This natural material will provide some warmth and make the interior elegant. Combination of these two materials will work best in minimalistic and modern interiors, for instance those arranged in loft style. Don’t forget however, that both materials seem to be quite “cold”, so sometimes it is important to introduce some contrasting accessories.
  • Wood – wood and stone in the interior are a classical, universal and well established combination. Both materials complement each other and create a perfect duo. However it is important to pay attention to their colours. It should be consistent – it is best if the shade and grain of the wood correspond to the colour and texture of the stone. It is important, because only then will they look well. This combination is suitable for traditional and classical interiors, but also for modern ones, where natural effect is what we are after. This combination is a perfect option for those who like timeless elegance and neutral colours.
  • Glass – combining stone and glass is a quite bold proposal, which should be used mainly in modern arrangements. This combination brings a feeling of lightness and spaciousness to the interior. It introduces minimalism, simplicity and modesty. Perfectly smooth surfaces reflect light, and the glass provides depth. This combination is often used in small, modern apartments. It is so universal it can be used almost everywhere – in the bathroom, kitchen and in the living room. It will look really well almost everywhere and will provide an unobvious effect.
  • Brick – stone in the interior can be also combined with a brick wall. Both materials work really well together and allow for creating simple and minimalistic interiors with a hint of originality. It is best if the combination has contrasting colours, because then the materials will not compete, but complement each other.
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