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Retro style kitchen- simple tips on how to arrange it

Do you like interiors with soul and unique charm? Are you dreaming of a retro style kitchen? In this article we will tell you how to arrange it! Few arrangement changes, appropriate furniture and accessories should suffice to achieve great effect.

Retro style kitchen – elements you should consider

Pastel colours are a must in every retro style arrangement. They should be present on the walls, furniture and accessories. They provide a bright space. What colours should you choose? Light blue, delicate green, powder pink, light yellow or beige will be a very good choice. Combine them with the timeless white – it will make a perfect background for other shades.
Introduce lightly coloured furniture. White or beige is best and it should be made of wood. Their style should remind of the 50’s or 60’s. They should be massive, robust and look comfy. Look for ones with stylized handles and handgrips.
No kitchen can do without domestic appliances. This also pertains to vintage kitchen. Remember to choose appliances rounded in shape, in intense colours. Currently many companies offer domestic appliances, whose style reminds of the 60’s. Make a thorough research and you will surely find something that suits your taste.
Retro style kitchen will not be retro without characteristic accessories! Colourful teapots, cans and polka dot curtains will provide a nice atmosphere.
Choose natural materials because vintage style is all about them. Avoid plastic and other synthetic materials. Choose wood, glass or stone instead.
Moderation and common sense are required. Retro style kitchen should refer to the 60’s and trends that were fashionable back then, and not be a perfect copy of that period. Find appropriate balance and combine stylized elements with modern ones. Don’t forget minimalism because it is your ally! It is better to use fewer stylish and well-adjusted accessories than overdo it.
Carefully choose appropriate lighting. Natural light should enter into the kitchen through the window. Inside, there should be ceiling lamps. It is best to place them over a table and over the worktop, because they will provide light in the key spaces.

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