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How long will it take to install a granite worktop?

As you probably know, natural stone is pretty heavy and difficult to work with, even with appropriate stonemason tools. An experienced granite worktop manufacturer is able to create a product of any size and shape of course, but it has to take some time. What are the stages of a granite worktop production?

  • Finding a perfect stone – first of all, you must choose a pattern and color that will suit your needs and the style of your kitchen. The worktop manufacturer has to import a proper stone (some more rare types have to be delivered from another side of the world!).
  • Measuring – You can’t just import any slab of stone – it has to have a proper size so the manufacturer can work with it efficiently. As granite is pretty expensive, you don’t want to lose too much material during manufacturing, and that’s why perfect measurements of the space where the worktop will be installed is needed.
  • Manufacturing – with proper tools and a bit of skill creating a perfect granite worktop is not easy, but doable in a relatively short time.
  • Installation – it shouldn’t take more than a day to install a granite worktop if the manufacturer did everything right. Even the biggest worktop will be ready to use in a few hours.

All in all, the installation itself is not long – it’s the whole production process that takes time.


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