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Granite Surrey worktops – frequently asked questions

Are you dreaming about a granite worktop in your kitchen but you still have some doubts whether to have one or not? Has anyone told you that you can’t use your knife for cutting directly on the surface and that the worktop becomes easily stained? We have decided to deal with the myths surrounding granite worktops and answer frequently asked questions. We hope that the answers will help you in making the final decision and that very soon you will place an order and enjoy beautiful granite Surrey worktops in your kitchen.

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Does every worktop require impregnation?

As a general rule, it is not necessary to impregnate granite worktops, but a single treatment will provide an even better effect. Keeping the worktop spotlessly clean will become fairly simple.

Should the cupboards supporting the worktop be strengthened on the stage of designing the kitchen?

There is no such need. Of course, granite Surrey worktops weight a lot, but it is the experts that deal with the installation, who decide whether the furniture requires strengthening or not. They are the ones to evaluate whether the cupboard will handle the worktop’s weight. If they were made with robust material, the probability of damage is very low.

What kind of worktop should I order if my kitchen is “U” or “L” shaped?

In such cases we recommend worktops consisting of several elements. This makes the installation significantly easier. You don’t have to worry about ugly weldings, because the majority of worktops is installed in a manner to ensure full contact between the elements, or to leave an almost invisible gap.

Can I use a knife directly on the granite worktop?

Yes you can. This won’t damage the surface, but you should be aware of the fact that the stone is much harder than the knife and it will make the knife blunt very quickly. Therefore it is better to avoid cutting directly on the worktop and use cutting boards made of wood or plastic.

If I notice small pores on the surface of the worktop, does it mean it is damaged?

The stone is a natural product with crystalline structure, so the presence of tiny pores is completely normal. Once the granite has been polished, the pores are almost invisible and the surface looks like mirror glass.

Will the worktop look exactly like the sample?

Most probably yes, but there may be some differences in colour, pattern or structure. Please remember that granite is a stone that emerges as a consequence of natural processes, therefore it is impossible to obtain two identical pieces of stone.

Can granite worktops be affected by permanent staining?

Granite Surrey worktops have porous structure, but the pores are too tiny for the water to penetrate the stone. Of course, if a liquid is spilled and left on the worktop for a while, a shade may appear on the surface. If you want to read more about granite Surrey worktops visit polishgranite.co.uk

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