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Granite suppliers – where do granite slabs come from

There is quite a lot of granite suppliers in London. You can choose what product you need depending on your purpose. The suppliers offer mostly already processed granite slabs to be further manufactured into individual ready designs, like bathrooms worktops, kitchen countertops or whole walls or flooring. But how do the granite slabs end up in the suppliers warehouses?

Everything starts with mining of the raw material, in this case granite. After the granite deposits are found (they are mostly located in Brazil) and secured, the granite mining companies bring special heavy equipment and explosives. The slope is drilled and mined. The landscape is excavated. As a result huge blocks of granite are loaded and transported in trucks to the on-site workshop sites. There the huge blocks are cut into thinner slabs and these undergo a few more processes such as: washing, resin filling, polishing and finally quality control. If everything goes as planned granite slabs are securely packed and shipped to the destination places. The whole process usually takes no more than a month. Within 30 days granite suppliers in London receive their order.

Although, it may appear simple the granite mining process is truly complex. Turning a raw solid rock into sparkling worktop is not an easy task. Visualising it when you are not an expert is even more difficult. Therefore, if you are curious and have difficulty to imagine just check out available videos on granite mining process.

Granite suppliers – how granite slabs are stored

Everything clear so far? What happens next when granite slabs find their temporary home in granite suppliers in London warehouses (to learn more about see Although, granite slabs are durable and highly resistant to many factors still they need to be carefully handled. First of all, packing must be carefully designed to prevent cracking, too much stress on the granite slabs can create fractures in the natural grain. Then, they must be carefully palletized. Storage sites use special equipment and techniques to prevent any damages. Moreover, the storage sites themselves must be carefully organised. There must be enough space assigned to each stack and enough spaces separating them. Employees must retain special care when handling the stone, remembering its heavy load and possible danger of cracking. Temperature, humidity and light are also important factors when storing natural stones.

Carefully handling the stone during shipment from the excavation site to granite suppliers in London is still not enough. Only responsible storage and finally delivery and installation of the ready product in clients houses guarantees success. From the beginning to the very end granite is exposed to possible damage, therefore it is important to get familiar with the mining process, shipment, storage and installation before deciding on furnishing your house with this unique natural stone.


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