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Quartz jewellery – enjoy the beauty

Quartz qualities

Quartz is a mineral that is made of silicon and oxygen. Usually it takes the form of quartz crystal. However, it isn’t its only form. It takes many shapes and kinds depending on the formation process. It is very popular mineral, which can be easily found. It’s second most abundant mineral in the Earth’s layers. What are its qualities? First of all, quartz comes in a variety of colours, common colours are crystal white, grey, purple or yellow. Second important quartz feature is its relative hardness. It’s not the most hard mineral but still it’s in the upper range. It’s also completely non-porous which means it doesn’t absorb liquids. Quartz comes in a variety of forms and shapes.

Quartz applications

Quartz due to its distinctive qualities has many uses. Its applications are for example glass making, gemstones, quartz based watches and computer parts. Other very typical quartz applications are quartz worktops and countertops. Quartz is an easy mineral to engineer. Engineered surfaces are gaining momentum now and find a lot of uses. They are highly popular because they use both natural strengths and inherent qualities of quartz and through careful engineering these natural qualities are enhanced and visibly strengthened. Quartz jewellery is another interesting application.

Quartz jewellery

Quartz crystals are truly beautiful. Their translucent colours and veining make them perfect for jewellery applications. Their inherent beauty and uniqueness for ages have inspired artists around the globe to make beautiful things. Quartz was especially popular in Eurasia during the ancient times, where it was frequently used for making bracelets, pendants and other pieces of jewellery. In today’s world it also frequently appears in earrings, necklaces and other pieces of decorative art. Thanks to quartz durability it’s an easy material to work on. It comes in a variety of cuts and forms. What you need to do is to simply cherish its stunning beauty.


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