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Refresh your kitchen with quartz countertops

Are going to update your kitchen design? Would you like to change something what will improve the general look of your kitchen? If the answers are “yes”, then you should definitely consider the installation of new countertops. Of course it depends on condition of the countertops you already have, but this would be a big and useful change.

Countertops are not only decorative part of your cabinetry, but in the first place, they should be practical. In this way, we recommend choosing some durable and beautiful material as quartz. Why should you go for it? There are presented several simple and justifiable reasons why we should form a friendship with quartz countertops. We can also assure you that this will be long-lasting friendship which will stand a lot of hardships. First of all, Quartz is even more durable than the most commonly used natural stones like granite, marble or soap stone.

According to Mohs hardness mineral scale, quartz takes the forth place in the list of ten 10 the hardest materials. Only, diamonds, sapphire and topaz are harder than quartz. In addition, unlike granite or marble, quartz requires no sealing or polishing. It is even resistant to staining from wine, coffee or oil. If something spills, you will clean easily just with a mild dish-soap diluted in warm water.Rinse it with water and dry with a soft cloth. Thanks to its resistance and durability, it is always smooth and glossy.

Moreover, quartz is available in various colours, so undoubtedly, you will find something the most suitable for your cabinetry and the style of your kitchen. It is also non-porous, so there are no conditions for bacteria to grow. However, to be virtually bacteria-free, quartz countertop should be cleaned on a regular basis.Once you have decided upon a colour, then you should also decide on the edge profile of your quartz countertops, for instance, the bevel edge, the straight east edge, the ogee edge, and the round bullnose edge.  Furthermore, there is also possible to use quartz in backsplash or even to cover the walls. They will be really practical, as you can clean from such surfaces absolutely anything with the great ease.

Although quartz is very hard and durable, we recommend not using abrasive or harsh scouring powders on it. In addition, avoid leavinghot potsdirectly on the surface. It is much better to use a trivet or just a simple pad. Theoretically, you can cut something on the quartz surface, but it will dull your knife. Nevertheless, quartz is very a beautiful and expensive material, so do not use it as a cutting board. We would like to pay your attention to the relation between color and dust: the more dark the surface is, the more visible all dust and stain are on it. Because of this reason, light and multi-colours countertops are more practical. Beautiful and functional – quartz is undoubtedly on of the best options for any kitchen. If you try it, you will love it.


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