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Quartz starlight – have the sky come to you

Quartz starlight colors

Quartz starlight colors are stunning. The term basically refers to type of quartz colors with sparkles. The effect is created by careful engineering. Quartz color is enhanced with shiny elements. So called starlight versions are available in wide range of colors. Nothing is the limit here. Any quartz color can be successfully enhanced with shine particles. Just imagine a deep black slab with shiny particles. It reminds of night sky with stars shining above. Similarly with deep blue sparkly slab, which brings to mind image of an ocean at sunny midday. Now, it all depends on you what color suits you best.

Quartz starlight – have the sky come to you

Interesting idea is to furnish your kitchen with deep blue starlight quartz worktop. Choose a very intense shade with many sparkles. Don’t be afraid. Just imagine the following. The kitchen is not very big, but it’s not very small either. In the middle there is a kitchen island. The worktop is made of starlight blue quartz. It’s carefully polished and full of clean cut lines. There’s only little space for tap, sink and little work surface. There are no chairs around, no extra spaces to accommodate any other business thAn washing and preparing food. The worktop is set in wood. The island is surrounded by wooden cabinets. All the appliances are hidden. There are two windows. The kitchen is bright with natural light. The worktop’s sparkles come instantly to life when sun beams touch them. In of the corners there are a few intensely green plants. The leaves are pretty huge and beckoning. Can you imagine a kitchen like that? It’s just one of the examples how to make the sky come to your house. Starlight blues can make it happen.

The possibilities here are endless. Quartz is an attractive material to choose when furnishing your house. Although, it’s not 100% natural it can really set off your house. Starlight colors are not the only choice here. Just think of quartz slabs with many irregular grains visible beneath and a line of golden veining circling around.


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