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Quartz oasis – where to find it

Colors of quartz

Quartz colors are amazing. The spectrum varies from deepest black to pure pearly white. They can shine and have a very high gloss or they can be completely mat without any sparkles, They can also be more or less uniform or varied with irregular patches of crystals or unusual veining. Interestingly, very often their beauty results not form pure nature but careful engineering and processing. Remember, however, that engineered does not mean that colors are taken out of the blue and totally changed. They are only a little manipulated and enhanced. Colors of quartz depend also on the methods of polishing. This is not only the issue of gloss or mat, but the case of colors’ intensity and quartz structure.

Quartz oasis – where can it take us

Term quartz oasis may sound pretty strange. First associations are connected with oasis, a peaceful haven somewhere on a ruthless desert filled with life giving water. Imagine the sand all around you, sun is mercilessly beating down and everything seems lost. Then suddenly, somewhere in the middle of this cruel place there is an oasis, still surrounded and abundant in sand but with a little spring underneath the greenest palm tree you’ve ever seen. And to be completely peaceful, just look up at the blue as the midday ocean sky. Uniform and unmoving. Sounds too picturesque or fake? It may be but it doesn’t matter. That’s the basic picture that  comes to people’s minds when they hear the word oasis. Of course only to those who have never seen real desert. That’s explained but what about quartz, how does it fit here?

First of all, quartz is present in the grains of sand. The phrase quartz oasis is, therefore a real thing. It’s quartz’s kingdom. But quartz oasis is simultaneously something else. It’s simply one of the names of quartz colors. The name is rich and intense. It brings a lot of meaning. Quartz oasis in a way encompasses all the above described oasis with it stunning beauty and the sound of sand crunching beneath your feet. It’s the color of sand with its irregular grains, something between white and gold. Full of gloss and sparkles. The color is perfect for fitting traditional as well as contemporary interiors.


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