Labradorite blue

Labradorite blue  – the treasure of jewellery

Labradorite is a Norwegian stone, available in several varieties. One of them, the blue one, compels admiration of connoisseurs and amateurs alike.

Labradorite blue in the kitchen – and not only there!

Labradorite blue has deep blue colour, shimmering with the depth of Norwegian Sea. Blue colour is associated with freedom and purity. It is suffice to recall a saying that somebody is of blue blood. Nobility of this stone has been widely appreciated, because it is commonly used for the production of kitchen worktops. Kitchen worktops made of labradorite blue look unique, because of their deep colour, amazing shine and inimitable pattern. This stone is often chosen by those who wish to redecorate their bathroom. This is a marvellous yet expensive alternative, which guarantees a beautiful effect. Marble is always in fashion and it can be cleaned and cared for just like ordinary terracotta.

Classics and modernity – the solution? Labradorite blue!

Labradorite can be used for both classical and modern interiors. Granite plates can be installed in the bathroom, or in the living room. Marble provides a unique atmosphere and a sense of warmth and luxury. Those who decide to install marble in their house are always happy with their choice. Labradorite blue guarantees high quality and beautiful patterns. The undoubted advantages of this stone are resistance to water and high temperatures. It is particularly important in the kitchen, where surfaces are exposed to a number of dangers, including liquids and heat.

Properties of labradorite blue

Labradorite blue marble belongs to silicates from the plagioclases group. The name stems from the Labrador Peninsula, from where great amounts of this stone are mined. It had already been described and named by the end of 18th century. Labrador forms tabular, columnar crystals, which occur in the form of coarse or medium grained concentrations. In its original form it is brittle and transparent with a blue, violet, green or even golden tint. Numerous internal reflections and shines provide iridescent optical effect, which is a multiple reflection of light within the submicroscopic planes of the stone. Owing to its fireproof qualities, it is often used for fireplace housings.

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