Gneiss – the building stone

When we decide to choose gneiss as a building stone, it is important to consider aspects such as resistance to changing temperatures, non-slip surface, variety of thicknesses and sizes, universality of use and high resistance to wear. Gneiss has all these qualities and therefore it is perfect for both interiors and exteriors.

Windowsills made of gneiss

Resistance to changing temperatures and atmospheric conditions makes gneiss a perfect material for making windowsills. Temperature amplitudes or frequent rain can do it no harm. Moreover, gneiss is resistant to cracking and breaking. It is sold in the form of big slabs. Their shape is unique, irregular and so are their colours.

Gneiss – properties

Gneiss is a metamorphic rock and its composition is similar to that of granite. Its characteristic feature is directional texture, and most often sandy granulation. Gneiss is characteristic because of its hardness and unique, shiny surface. Gneiss slabs can be broken, cut and formatted. Compositions made of this stone produce inimitable and original mosaics. Availability and resistance of this stone allow for obtaining it in the form of big slabs. This makes installing it on big surfaces (such as worktops or driveways) easier. Moreover its qualities make it perfect for different compositions.

Gneiss – other applications

The properties of gneiss presented above make it a material of choice for building terraces and housings of concrete fireplaces. Resistance to heavy weight makes it a recommended product for driveways and floorings. It is also used for building stairs, especially outside the buildings. This type of gneiss is called elevation gneiss. Gneiss for making walls and fences is called wall gneiss. Owners of houses can use gneiss for the driveway and use the same stone for the fence. Those who have smaller budget or prefer minimalism, can consider choosing gneiss for the interior, for instance for the living room. A fireplace housing made of gneiss provides elegance and style. Each fireplace owner will confirm, that the fireplace is only half of the story and that it is the housing that gives the fireplace its ultimate look. Gneiss too will be perfect for this purpose.

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