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Kitchen worktops Surrey

Kitchen worktops Surrey – what to choose?

The kitchen is a place that must be functional and properly equipped, because only then it will provide the appropriate conditions for convenient food preparation. Of course, an essential element of the kitchen is a Surrey kitchen worktop! They may be made out of different materials, both less expensive and more expensive, as well as more or less resistant to chemical or mechanical damage. In this article we describe the materials that are used most often, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. Enjoy the read!

Types of Surrey kitchen worktops:

  • The postforming worktops: the worktops which are simply made out of chipboard, which is covered with laminate. It is the cheapest and most popular type of worktop on the market, which can perfectly imitate either stone or wood. The edges are often rounded and finely finished with a laminate, which ultimately prevents the water from absorption, permanently damaging the wood. Laminated worktops are also somewhat resistant to abrasion, moisture and the formation of discoloration. Unfortunately, they do not tolerate high temperatures, so it isn’t advised to place the very hot dishes on its surface.
  • Worktops made out of stone – recently stone kitchen worktops Surrey have been gaining significant popularity. They are tough, durable and non-absorbent, so they can remain beautiful and unchanged for decades. They look luxurious and elegant. They are most commonly made out of granite, which itself does not absorb odours and moisture. Furthermroe, such worktops do not absorb dirt, are easy to clean and can withstands high temperatures. Stone worktops are also hard to scratch, their care fast and easy, and the only disadvantages may be: high price and heavy weight, which means that their fitting may be long and time consuming.
  • Worktops made out of composite – a product whose popularity is steadily increasing. Worktops made out of composites are an excellent alternative to those made from stone. They are warm to touch, because they absorb the local temperature, exhibit excellent resistance to chemicals and mechanical damage and of course are lighter and cheaper than natural stone, being also extremely easy to handle.
  • Worktops made of laminated wood – kitchen worktops Surrey can be produced out of almost any kinds of hard wood, but of course they require impregnation, because only then they become resistant to moisture. It is a quite durable and resistant product that does not warp and crack. They are warm to the touch and look very natural and elegant, but to maintain this effect they must periodically undergo renovation. Unfortunately, they are not cheap either. Besides, they are characterised with good resistance to heat and scratches, so you have to be careful not to damage them.

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