Kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation: how to renovate the kitchen fast and at a relatively low cost?

Your kitchen doesn’t look like it is supposed to? It probably needs a little redesign. Contrary to what one might expect, little but significant changes don’t have to be expensive. In this article we are advising how to make a kitchen renovation, which will not ruin your budget. Here are our ideas!

Kitchen renovation – ideas for cheap and fast changes in the appearance of the interior

  1. Paint the walls a different colour or use different finish materials. You can decorate the space between cabinets with a glass panel or ceramic tiles. A good idea is to install a photo wallpaper on a big surface – it will certainly draw attention.
  1. Choose original lightning. Exchange the old lamp for one that has an extraordinary shape or is made from unpopular materials (remember however that it has got to be practical and easy to clean). Installing led lights under upper cabinets or illuminating the furniture from below will guarantee a spectacular effect. Of course the lights don’t have to be white, you can use red, blue or green. Remember however, that they should match the rest of design.
  1. If you can’t afford a general kitchen renovation and replacement of furniture you can renovate the fronts only. You will be surprised how much this little trick will transform the overall appearance of the interior. The fronts of the cabinets can be painted, taped with a special film or exchanged for ones made of glass for instance. It all depends on your vision and the effect you want to achieve.
  1. Invest in new accessories. You can put a vase in a bright colour on the table, hang matching gadgets and kitchen utensils over the worktop. Besides that, you can place plants and herbs in pots in the windowsill, hang pictures, photos or graphics on the wall, put colourful cushions on the stools or invest in a new upholstery. Seemingly little, but the difference is great.
  1. Kitchen renovation may include exchange of household appliances, but this is quite expensive. If the amount of money you can spend is limited, buy a new sink and a mixer tap in the first place. These are the spaces on which wear is most visible, so it is worth to exchange them for new ones.
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