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Kitchen appliances arrangement

Kitchen appliances

Kitchen design and arrangement is not an easy task. There is a number of factors to consider when arranging this space. Just think of such factors as functionality and practicality, easiness to access various spaces in order to clean them, hygiene and safety, proper arrangement of various appliances and finally the question of size and aesthetics. To take into account all these factors and have a nice looking kitchen with full functionality is not an easy task. It’s even worse if the kitchen is really small or needs to be arranged as an open kitchen or if its dimensions are not typical. When thinking of all these one thing is truly difficult – kitchen appliances arrangement can pose a multiplicity of problems. Starting with fitting them all in limited spaces, arranging them in such a way as to keep their functionality and not create problems with everyday usage and existence.

Kitchen appliances – modern styles

What can be done to properly and easily arrange kitchen appliances? First of all, if possible think of hiding the appliances within cabinets. In this way you can save on space and make the kitchen look attractive and modern. If appliances aren’t visible at first sight but at the same time are easily accessible it’s a perfect solution. Another great idea is to move them off the floor. Dishwasher doesn’t necessarily have to be right under the worktop. If you decide to furnish it a little higher it can look more attractive but also be more practical. You don’t need to bend down to put and take out the dishes. Think how much more comfortable this can be. Another great idea is to put all appliances in one wall. Imagine a square where one appliance is placed over another. The access is really easy and this kind of arrangement looks really modern.

Further ideas to consider are bank of ovens  or wet zone. Bank of ovens is just a set of ovens set next to each other in one line. Clear cut lines are also features of modern arrangement, hence it’s a perfect solution for the kitchen to be practical and modern at the same time. And with wet zone you can successfully avoid any mess that comes with moving wet products across the floor or distant spaces.


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