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Cappuccino marble – enjoy the taste

Cappuccino marble – the richness of color

Marble comes in a  variety of colors. You can choose from dark black shades or purely white slabs. Some have a lot of rich veining, others are rather uniform. One common feature is that they all are unique, you won’t find two the same slabs. The range of colors allows you to choose the one suitable for you. Be careful and know that not all marble colors suit every interior and plan ahead how you want to paint and furnish your rooms. Think for example of cappuccino marble color. Imagine a cup of steaming cappuccino coffee transformed into marble slab. Can you see the richness of this color? Although, at first sight cappuccino marble may not seem a really eye-catching shade it has its richness. Just take a moment to look. Can you see the veining underneath, the sparkles of cream beneath the beige surface? Can you see how the slab moves similarly as the coffee steams and changes with your every sip?

Now, when you get the idea how cappuccino marble looks, do you think it’s suitable for all kinds of interiors? The answer is no. Cappuccino marble combines well with all light warm colors like warm whites and beiges. It doesn’t look good in porcelain white surroundings. Also be careful when deciding on more contrastive colors setting. Juicy green against cappuccino marble isn’t really a good idea. Also be careful when deciding on the room. Bathrooms or living rooms may not work so well with this shade of marble as the kitchen.

Cappuccino marble – taste the coffee

It seems that the perfect setting for cappuccino marble is the kitchen (see more here www.) Only imagine a kitchen island in the middle furnished with cappuccino marble. The working space is extended so that it can accommodate more people and serve as a dining table as well. The kitchen is painted in milk white and the furniture and appliances are of the same shade. The kitchen gives an aura of warm welcome where guests just wait to be served steaming coffee. Let’s sit them down around the kitchen countertop and let them sink in the welcoming atmosphere. Just the look and warm of the marble color can make them feel like tasting the coffee. Don’t let them wait, pour the coffee and enjoy the time.


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