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Granite countertops what do you need to know

Several facts which you should know about granite countertops.

Granite countertops are said to be one of the most popular material used for kitchen countertops manufacturing. It brings great effects to your kitchen and is known as one of the hardest natural stone. However, if you are going to install granite countertops, you should know some additional information about such countertops. The first thing we need to mention about is the proper maintenance. Because it is natural stone its surface contains some porosity.

However, there should be added that all granite countertops are polished by manufacturers. Unfortunately, it does not provide guarantee of no stains on the surface, but stain appearance is really rare. To avoid any stains, try to remove all spilled liquids immediately, because the longer the liquid remains onto the surface, the bigger probability of stain appearance is. Usually, stains are caused by liquids such wine, juice and olive oil. However, the fact that manufacturer seals countertops does not provide the lifelong effects.

At least once a year, you need to seal you granite countertops. Some manufacturers claim that it should be performed twice a year, but there is no need to be concerned because all manufacturers provide their clients with the detailed information about their countertops maintenance. Everyone associates granite countertops with extremely high expenses. We can agree with the fact that granite countertops are very expenses, but it is a lifelong investment. Thanks to its durability, high temperature resilience, granite countertops will serve in your kitchen for a long time.

In general, everyday maintenance of granite countertops is very simple, and once or twice a year you can sacrifice yourself and express your gratitude to countertops for that how great and practical they are. If you buy some other low-quality countertops, after a while they need some renovations and thereby you incur extra costs. It is much better to invest once and enjoy your kitchen for a long time. However, there is one thing about which everyone who is going to buy granite countertops should be aware. In 2008, there was published the report which included discredited information about granite.

There was written that granite is harmful stone which emits radon gas. It turned out that this report was drawn up by the manufacturer who produces “artificial countertops”. In this way, he wanted to discourage people to buy countertops made from the natural stone. As granite is one of the most popular natural stones, it was the target of such fraudulent act. Of course, it was only untrue, and what is more, granite as natural stone emits very low radon gas what is absolutely safe for environment and people. There are published other researches which prove granite harmless character. If you have ever heared such statement, do not believe in it, and with a clear conscience, you can add this natural beauty to your kitchen design.

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