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Saving money on granite countertops

In this article, we are going to give you several tips on saving money when buying granite countertops. We all know that granite look beautifully, it is very durable natural stone, but we also know how the economy is. Frist of all, you should go to the fabricator that has the largest selection of granite colours. It is very important, because if they have more than hundred colours in their lowest price group, then there is good chance that you will find your favourite colour which can matched to your design, and what is more, at really reasonable price. However, if you go to manufacturer that can offer only several colours, there is a pretty big chance that you will have to go for the more expensive price group to find the right match.

Moreover, make sure that when you are choosing at the slabs, they are at the fabricator’s yard. If they send you to the warehouse to look at more colour choices, that means you are going to an importer or the a wholesaler. Then you can expect the prices to be much higher. Another very important thing is to look at the quality of the slabs you like. There is premium quality but there is also so-called commercial quality. You are probably wondering now what the difference between these two types is. In short, premium quality slabs are free of any imperfections. Make sure that if you are paying for the premium quality, you will not get the low-quality slabs. The other very useful tip is to compare various estimates from different manufacturers. It is important to analyze them as sometimes the price which looks really favourably, in reality is not. Manufacturers perfectly manipulate the numbers and sizes. When it comes to comparing, remember to compare the products of the same quality.

Only then, the comparison will be reliable and relevant. Just the price is not everything. Another good tip regards to the edge profiles. The simplest ones are obviously less expensive, for example the straight edge. However, if you combine more than one edge profile in your project, you will save some money. For example, you can choose more complex edges in islands. We also want to pay your attention to some coupons. Many of your local fabricators promote themselves in the mail you receive. Sometimes, in those emails are sent really good deals to encourage you to take a use of their services. In addition, there would be also a good way to save some money, if you make your templates.

Provide them to your fabricator, and then install on your own. By doing the other part of work by yourself, you will also save some money – remove your old countertops. In most cases, there is only necessary to screw countertops from cabinets. Furthermore, if you are going to do more than one project at your home, for example, the space around fireplace and the kitchen, try to them at the same time. Thanks to this, you can also negotiate the total price for service.


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