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Is an exterior wooden cladding a good idea?

Exterior wooden cladding, once associated only with traditional country cottages, are now back in favor in modern and stylish architectural designs. What are the characteristics of a wooden facade and what should we pay attention to when choosing one?

Wood cladding panels: what makes them special?

Wood is a unique material – properly finished and properly impregnated it is resistant to changing weather conditions, fungi and insects. Wood is also relatively easy to install and insulates heat very well.

Exterior wooden cladding are valued for their unique appearance – they give buildings charm and coziness. It is a natural and ecological material that harmonizes with nature. Contrary to popular belief, it is not reserved exclusively for classic style buildings. Wood fits perfectly into the modern style and an interestingly designed building, combined with a wooden facade, looks extraordinary and fashionable.

What kind of wood is best for timber cladding?

If you’re considering a exterior wooden cladding, it’s a good idea to find out which species of wood will perform best. The choice of the right material affects, among other things, the durability of the project, resistance to weather conditions, but also the visual effect.

The most popular wood species for facades are among others:

  • Siberian larch – distinguished by its durability, resistance to weather and fungi. Planks made of it have colors ranging from golden honey to brown-red.
  • Meranti – exotic wood, which is easy to process and dries quickly. In case of exterior elevations it is valued for its strength and resistance to fading and abrasion. It comes in colors ranging from light gray-brown to dark red-brown.
  • Red cedar – this tree grows in subpolar climates, so boards made of it are resistant to difficult weather conditions and moisture. It insulates heat perfectly, and thanks to the oils contained in its cells, it retains a long service life – even without the application of preservatives. They are colored from beige to dark brown.

Other popular and appreciated wood species for facade include Scandinavian spruce, tatjuba and okoume.

What to remember: exterior wooden cladding

Choosing the right wooden facade has an impact not only on visual effect, but also on its durability. Exterior cladding Manchester should last for many years, so wood must be resistant to harsh weather conditions, such as high and low temperatures, moisture, water, but also fungi and insects. Proper impregnation is of course crucial.

Equally important is the visual effect, so when you decide on a facade made of wood, think about the choice of color or width of the boards. Match it to the design and style of the building so that it complements it and is consistent with the interior design of the home.



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