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The most popular patterns and colours of granite worktops

The saying that men build houses, and women design them, can freely reflect the situation in the kitchen, whereby usually a man installs the granite worktop, and the woman chooses its colour. Of course it’s only a saying, but the point is – choosing a colour of your worktop is just as important as finally installing it. Everyone wants to have a worktop in a unique colour, and granite is the natural stone of our earth, with every possible available colours out there, therefore all will be unique in their own way.
The most common patterns of granite worktops in the family of lighter colours are: Bianco Crystal, Kashmir White, Viscount White, Rosa Ceta, Millennium Cream, Colonial Cream. The various more colourful ones are: Prada Gold, Sahara Gold, Indian Juparana, Golden Beach, New Giallo Veneziano, Shivakashi, Kashmir Gold, Yellow Rock, Madura Gold and Rose Wood. And finally the darkest, and most frequently selected granites: Absolute Black, Star galaxy, Coffee Brown, Padang Dark, Multicolor India, Neo Impala, TanBrown, Jet Black, Caffe Imperiale, Maple Red and Verde. These are the colours most frequently chosen by buyers, however the colour pallette is enormous and the above mentioned colours are only some of the few examples. Other popular choices such as: Labrador, Blue, Merry Gold Paradiso, Rosa Porino, Steel Grey, Titanium, Napoleon Brown, Ross Asiago, Himalayan Blue and the Baltic Brown also deserve a mention.
A granite worktop is a high quality product, an aesthetic that will brighten up your kitchen in every sense. When selecting a granite, besides its functionality, you must also choose the pattern and colour that will not be a pain for the eyes, and at the same time will reflect your kitchen, combining well with the remaining furniture. It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the house, so we have to feel it that way, and a beautiful worktop will allow us to make it happen.


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