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Quartz worktops and their greatest advantages

Quartz worktops and their greatest advantages

It may seem that when you are searching for a high quality kitchen worktop, a natural stone is the only option for you. On the contrary! Stonemasons and workshop manufacturers also offer splendid quartz worktops which are as good as granite ones. How are they made and what are they best features? Read on to know more.

Quartz worktops – what are they made of

To create a conglomerate (another name for quartz) worktops a crushed granite, marble, resin with hues added are mixed. The whole process requires high temperatures which harden the whole structure. What is worth mentioning is the fact that quartz worktops can be made with polished or matte finishing. The structure of such worktop can be smooth or have a unique pattern – it all depends on the specific order and the type of interior you want to fit the whole thing in.

Advantages of conglomerate worktops

Now you know what a quartz worktop is, but why are they so great? First of all, their weight is one of the biggest pros. They are about 20% lighter than those made of natural stone. Thus, the transport and installation process is easier and cheaper. One of the biggest advantages is the price – quartz worktops are much less expensive than granite ones, yet they are as durable, resistant and beautiful as their natural counterparts. Due to the fact that the surface of such worktop is smooth, any stains and dirt cannot penetrate the structure, which makes a quartz worktop very easy to clean. You jsut need a damp cloth and polish the whole surface with soft one till it dries.

In addition, the conglomerate is resistant to high temperatures. Not as granite, unfortunately, but nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about it too much. Just don’t put extra hot pots on it. It can also be scratched or dented of course, but such damage is easy to remove – usually you just have to polish it. Moreover, quartz worktops do not absorb any smell and are much warmer than granite ones, as they are able to cumulate heat from their surroundings. They are not flammable and very resistant to chemicals. Additionally, the structure is slightly bendable and elastic, so it won’t break so easily. Furthermore, the conglomerate worktops can be connected without welding, so you can create many interesting shapes without damaging the surface and you can even repair it without much hassle. Thus, quartz worktops can last for years and stay beautiful for a lifetime.

In the end it is also worth adding that quartz worktops look as exclusive and elite as natural stoner worktops. They will look good in any interior and thanks to the huge variety of available colors they can be matched with any design. As such, a choice of a quartz worktop is simply a good idea.


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