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Granite colours – important informations

Granite colours and interior design

Granite is a natural stone which is widely used in construction. It is especially often used for making kitchen and bathroom worktops and create elegant and durable flooring. It is available in a rich palette of shades, which gives you various possibilities of arrangement. In this article we write what Granite colours are particularly popular and how to fit them into the interior. Interested? If yes – read on!

Granite colours and matching them to the arrangement

  • Crystal Bianco – a shade particularly popular among people who want to create a bright, spacious and very modern kitchen. It is a cream colour, which is mottled with beige, brown and black. These granite colours perfectly complement the cabinets in simple, bright hue.
  • Kashmir White – one of the granite colours which in gray tones. On its surface darker and lighter “dots” appear and make the webs of different widths. It is quite popular due to its neutrality. It goes perfectly with both darker and lighter furniture. In particular, it matches black, beige and red.
  • Bianco Antique – brown-beige shade of granite, which fits perfectly into the kitchen decorated in traditional style. It looks great with a set of stylized, rustic furniture. This is one of warm colours, which makes the interior seem more cozy.
  • Kashmir Gold – another warm tint of granite colours, which perfectly integrates with wooden furniture in shades of beige / brown. Therefore it will fit the traditional arrangement. However, it looks quite interesting in the company of black and red, so people who like bold colours and modern style wll also enjoy it. It is a stone of golden-brown color, with darker spots.
  • Tropic Brown – a brown granite with light and dark dots. Very stylish and elegant. It looks great in combination with a bright, preferably white / cream or beige furniture, which contrasts sharply with it. Unfortunately, the background black or brown will hide the beauty of this hue.
  • Blue Perl – blue-gray mottled with shades of white, black and gray. It’s one of those granite colours which will appeal to people who prefer raw interior. It looks great in the compositions decorated in shades of white and blue. It’s cool shade and unfortunately it will not go well with meringue and browns.
  • Nero impala – a fairly universal color that looks good both on a background of bright and dark furniture. This is a shade of gray with a hint of dirty green. Matches modern furniture focused on simplicity.
  • Black Star – one of the black granite colours. It enjoys great popularity, because it is ideally suited to modern interiors and bright cabinets. Elegant, sleek and stylish. This granite, which harmonizes well with white, beige, cream, brown, red and other popular colours of kitchen furniture. This in turn makes it very versatile.
  • Star Galaxy – black shade of stone with sparkling flecks. As popular as the previous hue. The best in modern interiors, decorated in a minimalist tone.

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