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Granite worktops prices

Granite worktops prices – is the investment worth it

Granite worktops prices – possibilities

Granite worktops prices aren’t low. This one thing is certain. Yet, every penny spend on granite worktops is worth it. The price possibilities depend on many factors. They vary only slightly so don’t count on  a really huge bargain. First of all, granite worktops prices depend on the way it’s processed. Basically, there are two ways, granite worktops can be polished so they are glossy and the tiny particles draw light, or matt and then the surface appears uniform. Another factor that can influence prices is the way worktop is cut. You can have clear cut edges with clean lines or granite worktop with rough edges. Don’t be mistaken. Rough edges don’t mean granite worktops is just left as it was delivered and the cost are to be smaller. Rough edges too need to be carefully processed. So the prices still remain similar. Obviously, the factor that influences the prices most is the size of your worktop. Here, the size can make a huge difference.

Granite worktops investment in the long run

Many people ask themselves whether granite worktops are worth their prices. After all, granite worktops are natural stones with a bunch of practical properties guaranteeing their durability and fitness and this means the prices are relatively high. It becomes especially dramatic when people start to compare granite worktops prices to prices of other, much cheaper materials. Suddenly, they get an idea that they’re overpaying. That is definitely a wrong way to go. It’s a dead end. There always will be materials which come at cheaper prices. Things you need to keep in mind are the unique properties of granite which make the difference and truly distinguish granite as a worktop material. Keep in mind, all the harmful factors that you can find in the kitchen. Splashing liquids, burning hot pans, heavy lids thumping down, sharp knives and other objects – they all can significantly damage the worktop.

Granite worktops in the future

Granite worktops prices may be high but they definitely won’t discourage people who are really interested in stylish kitchen design and the value of natural stone. Although, at first sight the prices may appear unreasonable keep in mind that granite worktop is  long term investement and can serve you a lifetime.

Granite kitchen countertops in London

Granite kitchen countertops in London – possible choices

Granite kitchen countertops in London – suppliers

You can find a lot of interesting offers of granite kitchen countertops in London. There are quite a few suppliers who offer quality products at reasonable prices. Granite kitchen countertops aren’t really cheap but they are definitely worth the investment. Granite qualities make it perfect for furnishing kitchens. What are these qualities? First of all, granite is a very hard rock which is almost impossible to scratch. Due to its hardness it’s also very resistant to all kinds of heavy impacts and crashes. Apart from hardness granite is also resistant to such factors as heat, moist and water and humidity. Only these qualities make granite perfect for kitchen application. Yet, there is more. Granite is a natural rock and as such has a very unique colors. Each granite slab is different. You won’t find two identical ones. Beautiful granite grains and veining make it not only highly practical but also beautiful.

Granite kitchen countertops are therefore very popular. Whereas there are many suppliers in London it’s still important to check them and make sure where does the granite come from, what are the methods of manufacturing and processing. Finally, it’s also important to know what are the conditions of storing and transporting. It’s worth to know, that although granite is very durable and resistant to many factors it still needs to be properly manufactured, shipped and stored. If the necessary conditions aren’t met granite can be easily damaged and even totally destroyed. Installation and fitting of granite countertop also isn’t an easy task. Hence, be sure to double check the suppliers and not waste the money on faulty product.

Granite kitchen countertops in London – showrooms

Granite kitchen countertops in London can be seen in showrooms. Showrooms are generally places where granite slabs, already processed and polished are exhibited for the prospective customers to see. Some showrooms offer also sample displays of readymade kitchen countertops where you can see final product, sometimes even in a given kitchen setting. Showrooms are a great idea to see how the final product looks like and can help in decision making process. When thinking of looking up granite kitchen countertops in London it’s a good idea to check not only suppliers but also showrooms. In this way you can compare prices, displays, see how differently processed granite can vary and finally, be able to make a reasonable choice. The most important thing is to plan ahead and be able think in the long run.

sandy yellow worktop

Cappuccino marble – enjoy the taste

Cappuccino marble – the richness of color

Marble comes in a  variety of colors. You can choose from dark black shades or purely white slabs. Some have a lot of rich veining, others are rather uniform. One common feature is that they all are unique, you won’t find two the same slabs. The range of colors allows you to choose the one suitable for you. Be careful and know that not all marble colors suit every interior and plan ahead how you want to paint and furnish your rooms. Think for example of cappuccino marble color. Imagine a cup of steaming cappuccino coffee transformed into marble slab. Can you see the richness of this color? Although, at first sight cappuccino marble may not seem a really eye-catching shade it has its richness. Just take a moment to look. Can you see the veining underneath, the sparkles of cream beneath the beige surface? Can you see how the slab moves similarly as the coffee steams and changes with your every sip?

Now, when you get the idea how cappuccino marble looks, do you think it’s suitable for all kinds of interiors? The answer is no. Cappuccino marble combines well with all light warm colors like warm whites and beiges. It doesn’t look good in porcelain white surroundings. Also be careful when deciding on more contrastive colors setting. Juicy green against cappuccino marble isn’t really a good idea. Also be careful when deciding on the room. Bathrooms or living rooms may not work so well with this shade of marble as the kitchen.

Cappuccino marble – taste the coffee

It seems that the perfect setting for cappuccino marble is the kitchen (see more here www.) Only imagine a kitchen island in the middle furnished with cappuccino marble. The working space is extended so that it can accommodate more people and serve as a dining table as well. The kitchen is painted in milk white and the furniture and appliances are of the same shade. The kitchen gives an aura of warm welcome where guests just wait to be served steaming coffee. Let’s sit them down around the kitchen countertop and let them sink in the welcoming atmosphere. Just the look and warm of the marble color can make them feel like tasting the coffee. Don’t let them wait, pour the coffee and enjoy the time.

Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances arrangement

Kitchen appliances

Kitchen design and arrangement is not an easy task. There is a number of factors to consider when arranging this space. Just think of such factors as functionality and practicality, easiness to access various spaces in order to clean them, hygiene and safety, proper arrangement of various appliances and finally the question of size and aesthetics. To take into account all these factors and have a nice looking kitchen with full functionality is not an easy task. It’s even worse if the kitchen is really small or needs to be arranged as an open kitchen or if its dimensions are not typical. When thinking of all these one thing is truly difficult – kitchen appliances arrangement can pose a multiplicity of problems. Starting with fitting them all in limited spaces, arranging them in such a way as to keep their functionality and not create problems with everyday usage and existence.

Kitchen appliances – modern styles

What can be done to properly and easily arrange kitchen appliances? First of all, if possible think of hiding the appliances within cabinets. In this way you can save on space and make the kitchen look attractive and modern. If appliances aren’t visible at first sight but at the same time are easily accessible it’s a perfect solution. Another great idea is to move them off the floor. Dishwasher doesn’t necessarily have to be right under the worktop. If you decide to furnish it a little higher it can look more attractive but also be more practical. You don’t need to bend down to put and take out the dishes. Think how much more comfortable this can be. Another great idea is to put all appliances in one wall. Imagine a square where one appliance is placed over another. The access is really easy and this kind of arrangement looks really modern.

Further ideas to consider are bank of ovens  or wet zone. Bank of ovens is just a set of ovens set next to each other in one line. Clear cut lines are also features of modern arrangement, hence it’s a perfect solution for the kitchen to be practical and modern at the same time. And with wet zone you can successfully avoid any mess that comes with moving wet products across the floor or distant spaces.


Colors of granite worktops – is there a limit

Granite worktops – possible colors

Granite is a natural stone that comes in a wide range of colors. It’s particularly amazing information since natural stones are rather known for their limited number of colors. In case of granite we can choose from very popular dark shades, starting from black to deep dark purple. Bu there are also vivid reds and shades of greens. And, finally, don’t forget about cream and light colors. The spectrum is remarkably rich and  eye-catching. In addition to colors granite can be polished in many different ways. Depending on a kind of polish granite can have a very high gloss  – then it’s all sparkly with even clearly visible crystals, or rather mat – here its surface seems almost uniform and the grains are highly visible. The type of polish can heavily influence the way the color appears. Shiny black granite can seem almost bright whereas the same color but polished to be mat can look darkly and sad. Therefore, when choosing colors it’s good to bear in mind that a final polish can heavily affect its look.

Granite colors  – possible applications

Colors of granite worktops vary a lot (see more at Final polish and cut additionally influence the way granite looks. Roughed edged granite slabs naturally have darker look, whereas clean cut appear to be brighter and shiny. One of the interesting examples of granite colors is creamy. This shade is not one of the most typical for granite, but can be easily supplied. It really can draw people’s attention and be a perfect central point of your kitchen. It’s especially important in case of modern day kitchens which tend to oscillate around white colors. Purely white, buttermilk or ivory are very popular. Interestingly, they can fit perfectly for traditional as well as modern kitchens. Therefore, when we decide to have creamy granite worktop in the very center of our kitchen, we can  easily make it into traditional welcoming one or sterile white modern.

Imagine for example cream country traditional kitchen. Its very heart is your creamy granite worktop. It’s polished somewhere in the middle between high gloss and mat. You don’t want it to shine a cold light and take the warmth out of your kitchen. It stands as an island in the center and is surrounded by slightly creamy farmhouse furniture. The floor tiles are pretty huge and just a shade darker than the furniture. All other top surfaces, apart from island countertop are made black. It’s to enliven the kitchen. The light colors are broken with dark. Richly green plants and small additions make the kitchen even more vivid. The overwhelming aura of warm welcome and pleasant afternoon by the setting sun is extremely powerful. That’s the idea for traditional kitchen, let’s switch for a while to a modern one.

This time your creamy granite countertop stands in line with clean cut cabinets. They are milk white without any patterns. The space is clearly organized and all the appliances are out of sight, if possible, or cleverly set into the furniture. The lights are bright and cold. There is no clutter or unnecessary detail which can disorganize this harmony. The only thing that sets your kitchen off is the flooring – intense blue, the shade of midnight sea. These are just sample vision of kitchen centered around creamy granite countertop. Just think of all the other possibilities!

Quartz starlight

Quartz starlight – have the sky come to you

Quartz starlight colors

Quartz starlight colors are stunning. The term basically refers to type of quartz colors with sparkles. The effect is created by careful engineering. Quartz color is enhanced with shiny elements. So called starlight versions are available in wide range of colors. Nothing is the limit here. Any quartz color can be successfully enhanced with shine particles. Just imagine a deep black slab with shiny particles. It reminds of night sky with stars shining above. Similarly with deep blue sparkly slab, which brings to mind image of an ocean at sunny midday. Now, it all depends on you what color suits you best.

Quartz starlight – have the sky come to you

Interesting idea is to furnish your kitchen with deep blue starlight quartz worktop. Choose a very intense shade with many sparkles. Don’t be afraid. Just imagine the following. The kitchen is not very big, but it’s not very small either. In the middle there is a kitchen island. The worktop is made of starlight blue quartz. It’s carefully polished and full of clean cut lines. There’s only little space for tap, sink and little work surface. There are no chairs around, no extra spaces to accommodate any other business thAn washing and preparing food. The worktop is set in wood. The island is surrounded by wooden cabinets. All the appliances are hidden. There are two windows. The kitchen is bright with natural light. The worktop’s sparkles come instantly to life when sun beams touch them. In of the corners there are a few intensely green plants. The leaves are pretty huge and beckoning. Can you imagine a kitchen like that? It’s just one of the examples how to make the sky come to your house. Starlight blues can make it happen.

The possibilities here are endless. Quartz is an attractive material to choose when furnishing your house. Although, it’s not 100% natural it can really set off your house. Starlight colors are not the only choice here. Just think of quartz slabs with many irregular grains visible beneath and a line of golden veining circling around.

Quartz oasis

Quartz oasis – where to find it

Colors of quartz

Quartz colors are amazing. The spectrum varies from deepest black to pure pearly white. They can shine and have a very high gloss or they can be completely mat without any sparkles, They can also be more or less uniform or varied with irregular patches of crystals or unusual veining. Interestingly, very often their beauty results not form pure nature but careful engineering and processing. Remember, however, that engineered does not mean that colors are taken out of the blue and totally changed. They are only a little manipulated and enhanced. Colors of quartz depend also on the methods of polishing. This is not only the issue of gloss or mat, but the case of colors’ intensity and quartz structure.

Quartz oasis – where can it take us

Term quartz oasis may sound pretty strange. First associations are connected with oasis, a peaceful haven somewhere on a ruthless desert filled with life giving water. Imagine the sand all around you, sun is mercilessly beating down and everything seems lost. Then suddenly, somewhere in the middle of this cruel place there is an oasis, still surrounded and abundant in sand but with a little spring underneath the greenest palm tree you’ve ever seen. And to be completely peaceful, just look up at the blue as the midday ocean sky. Uniform and unmoving. Sounds too picturesque or fake? It may be but it doesn’t matter. That’s the basic picture that  comes to people’s minds when they hear the word oasis. Of course only to those who have never seen real desert. That’s explained but what about quartz, how does it fit here?

First of all, quartz is present in the grains of sand. The phrase quartz oasis is, therefore a real thing. It’s quartz’s kingdom. But quartz oasis is simultaneously something else. It’s simply one of the names of quartz colors. The name is rich and intense. It brings a lot of meaning. Quartz oasis in a way encompasses all the above described oasis with it stunning beauty and the sound of sand crunching beneath your feet. It’s the color of sand with its irregular grains, something between white and gold. Full of gloss and sparkles. The color is perfect for fitting traditional as well as contemporary interiors.

Granite worktops in London

Granite worktops in London

Granite worktops in London – prehistory now

Ancient stones artfully crafted in modern day London? Check out London suppliers of natural stones and get stunned by how old as history itself stone is masterfully turned into your modern day kitchen worktop. How has it all begun? It’s only natural that natural stones fill the Earth. They are under and over its surface – Earth crust if full of lava and minerals that create these stones and high above our heads the mountains are abundant with the rocks. It’s has been only a matter of time before people started mining the stones in quarries and using them for multiple purposes. In modern day times technology allows for unbelievable before extraction of stones on a massive scale. Throughout the world there are quarries and mines which specialise in extracting granite, marble, soapstone and other natural stones. When mined the stones undergo a number of processes including: cutting into smaller sizes, cleaning the dirt, polishing the surface and protecting the stone from further damage.

Granite worktops in London – welcome the past

If you are looking for granite worktops in London check out the variety of different offers on and be sure to learn more about natural stones qualities and their origins. Granite was formed a long time ago when cooling magma solidified under the surface of the Earth. During this process magma slowly crystallised and granite was formed. Granite is composed of mainly quartz and feldspar but also other minerals. Its veining and colouring are always unique. There are no two pieces that are the same. Suppliers of granite worktops in London know these qualities and make sure of using them to their and as a result their customers advantage. Granite worktops give off what’s best in the granite rock. They are cut and polished in such a way as to emphasise granite exquisite colours and veining. By looking at the granite surface you almost see the reflection of the past itself – the ancient times when magma crystallized and the minerals were forever captured within the forming rock.

Granite worktops in London – make your kitchen embrace the time

If you look at the range of granite worktops in London your head can start spinning. So wide range of possible colours and sizes can be quite overwhelming. Finally, when you decide to choose the type of granite that you want to have in your kitchen be sure to have it nicely designed so that it can fit perfectly in your kitchen. Keep the history of this stone in your mind, remember the slow movements of the Earth that allowed for this piece of now yours rock to be formed. Granite kitchen worktop is a pure beauty in your house. It’s not only its functionality and practical applications of everyday use that matter and give it quality. It’s the magnificence and the inherent power sleeping under granite surface that make it wonderful. Just take a moment to look at your granite worktop and cherish its beauty. Let it speak to you through the ages and allow you to embrace the time itself.

Granite suppliers

Granite suppliers

Granite suppliers – where do granite slabs come from

There is quite a lot of granite suppliers in London. You can choose what product you need depending on your purpose. The suppliers offer mostly already processed granite slabs to be further manufactured into individual ready designs, like bathrooms worktops, kitchen countertops or whole walls or flooring. But how do the granite slabs end up in the suppliers warehouses?

Everything starts with mining of the raw material, in this case granite. After the granite deposits are found (they are mostly located in Brazil) and secured, the granite mining companies bring special heavy equipment and explosives. The slope is drilled and mined. The landscape is excavated. As a result huge blocks of granite are loaded and transported in trucks to the on-site workshop sites. There the huge blocks are cut into thinner slabs and these undergo a few more processes such as: washing, resin filling, polishing and finally quality control. If everything goes as planned granite slabs are securely packed and shipped to the destination places. The whole process usually takes no more than a month. Within 30 days granite suppliers in London receive their order.

Although, it may appear simple the granite mining process is truly complex. Turning a raw solid rock into sparkling worktop is not an easy task. Visualising it when you are not an expert is even more difficult. Therefore, if you are curious and have difficulty to imagine just check out available videos on granite mining process.

Granite suppliers – how granite slabs are stored

Everything clear so far? What happens next when granite slabs find their temporary home in granite suppliers in London warehouses (to learn more about see Although, granite slabs are durable and highly resistant to many factors still they need to be carefully handled. First of all, packing must be carefully designed to prevent cracking, too much stress on the granite slabs can create fractures in the natural grain. Then, they must be carefully palletized. Storage sites use special equipment and techniques to prevent any damages. Moreover, the storage sites themselves must be carefully organised. There must be enough space assigned to each stack and enough spaces separating them. Employees must retain special care when handling the stone, remembering its heavy load and possible danger of cracking. Temperature, humidity and light are also important factors when storing natural stones.

Carefully handling the stone during shipment from the excavation site to granite suppliers in London is still not enough. Only responsible storage and finally delivery and installation of the ready product in clients houses guarantees success. From the beginning to the very end granite is exposed to possible damage, therefore it is important to get familiar with the mining process, shipment, storage and installation before deciding on furnishing your house with this unique natural stone.

Quartz uses

Quartz uses – curious facts

Quartz – what is it

Quartz is a mineral composed of oxygen and silicon. After feldspar quartz is the second most commonly found mineral in the world. There is variety of quartz types, there are even some precious gemstones. It’s name derives from the German word and stands for hard. Quartz is known for its high durability and resistance to many harmful factors. Because of that quartz has found multiple applications in building and construction. Today quartz uses are for example: bathroom and kitchen worktops (to learn more see www,) walls and flooring, jewellery and sculpture.

Quartz uses – what many people heard of but hardly know

Firstly, let’s have a look at technological quartz uses. Quartz contains silicon and is therefore used to make many computer parts. It’s widely used in modern computer technology. Mostly it can be found in computer chips. Quartz is also found in clocks. Quartz is used there to create a signal with very precise frequency to regulate the electronic oscillator. Basically, instead of pendulum or moving balance wheel it’s the quartz crystal that regulates the gear inside. In other words the quartz is there to keep time. Another, too many surprising, use is in the window glass, since it is transparent and durable it is often used in industrial buildings window panes.

Then, there are also more intangible applications connected with the mineral’s energy. Quartz is believed to have a few magical powers. It’s inner energy can boost the growth in your garden. If you are experiencing trouble in your plants growth simply bury the quartz crystal in the appropriate place in the ground and wait for the results. Quartz can also help you in your spiritual growth, just get yourself a piece of crystal or jewellery with this stone and keep it close.

Quartz – what about the future

Since quartz is a mineral naturally formed underground and currently abundant it’s rather unlikely that someday we will run out of its sources. With fast advancing technology and the progress in science it is always possible to find new deposits. Therefore, there is little to worry about. What is important however, is not whether we will run out of the quartz any time soon but rather what can quartz uses in the coming future be?
Computers and technology is definitely an area where quartz will always have its place. With the fast dynamics of information technology and unique quartz qualities there certainly will be many application for quartz. Another promising area is building and construction industry. Engineered quartz surface are already gaining momentum. One thing is certain, with so many interesting features quartz will definitely find its use.