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Manchester quartz worktops

Quartz Worktops Manchester & Granite Worktops Manchester

Manchester worktops – which quartz / granite worktops company provides the most diverse service in the North West?

Greater Manchester is riddled with stone worktops companies. There are at least 20 companies which deal with production of granite , quartz , dekton and other sintered stone worktops. Many other provide vast other services e.g. only deal with manufacture or fitting. But there is one quartz worktops Manchester & granite worktops Manchester company which specialises in everything: Polish Granite LTD.Manchester granite worktops

Polish Granite are not only the suppliers of high-quality worktops using material from most prominent and renowned quartz & granite slab suppliers (Fugen, Compan, B-Stone, Technistone, Caesarstone, Levantina, Unistone, Silestone, Dekton Cosentino etc), their versatility is much greater than that of the nearby competition!

We purposely contacted them to complete some research for this article, and lo and behold, we learned that apart from selling quartz / granite worktops in Manchester and the rest of UK, Polish Granite also provide a multitude of other services that benefit the locals, as well as those who reside elsewhere.

Let’s list the services that this Manchester worktops company provides:

The basic/primary services:

  1. Granite / quartz worktops – selling, fitting, carrying out templatingManchester quartz worktops. In other words, everything that is expected. When a quote for the granite / quartz worktops is provided, apart from the main worktops, you can also request any other features: draining grooves, upstands, splashbacks, recess areas, rounded corners.
  2. Offcuts – chopping desks, windowsills, coffee tables etc. Whatever you like, and from whatever material (granite / quartz / ceramic)this company can provide from a selected pool of offcuts. Whatever they have available in stock can be chosen, and then cut to size in accordance to your measurements.

The additional services:

  1. Repair/Fixing – polishing, grinding, joining, levelling. If you have received your worktops from some dodgy company back in the day, and now your worktops are suffering, give Polish Granite a call. Their experience enables them to handle various predicaments. Whether your join has cracked or came undone, or you dropped a mug on the edge of your granite and it chipped – they can fix it. And the results are spectacular. Manchester quartz worktops
  2. Sale of cleaning products – anything from granite impregnator sealant to quartz cleaning and protective layer spray. They have it all.
  3. Cleaning/de-staining – this relates to the aforementioned nr. 1 i.e. damage of your existing worktops. If you’ve accidentally stained your worktops with coffee or wine, be sure to seek out the right help of specialists.
  4. Manchester granite worktopsCustom products Production – if you have any special requests/demands then don’t be afraid to ask. This company has never refused a complex service. They have handled massive granite / quartz projects, or executed elaborate worktop designs of vast shapes and sizes. If a custom product peaks you interest, present Polish Granite your plans, and they will handle the rest.

As you can see above, the list of the services is wide, and I’m sure if any of you readers desire something granite / quartz related, you’ll be able to find it with Polish Granite.

Comment down below whether there are any granite / quartz related services out there that are missing above!

Manchester kitchen worktops

Of course, everyone here at AGAM is aware that any funerary services e.g. production of gravestones is missing from Polish Granite’s Manchester offer. However, because this blog is strictly concerned with interior/exterior design, we think that the lack of gravestone service can be excused!

However, one thing that correlates to gravestones, and one that has been popular in the recent influx of interior design trends is the engraving service! And this is frankly what Polish Granite is lacking.

You may be asking how/why that is popular? Well, the answer is straightforward: engraving can be applied to various granite / quartz decorations: benches, tables, cladded walls – this isn’t a very popular method of decor, but it’s very unique. A bunch of different designs, portraits or patterns (not just script), can be inscribed into granite / quartz surfaces – almost resembling the draining grooves on stone worktops. We honestly feel this trend will only continue to grow, but to execute this process professionally, a master engraver is needed!

Manchester kitchen worktops

Another service we can think of is production of stone statues. Once again, for traditional exterior gardens, full of greenery and old-fashioned elements, these are fantastic solutions. But same as above, to execute this production a professional sculptor must be present, an artist with at least a decade of experience in this trade. Therefore we are not surprised so few Manchester quartz / granite worktops companies have this solution on offer.

List below if there’s any other granite or quartz treatment services that we missed and that Manchester companies out there could implement into their offer. We hope you enjoyed reading this article, and that the readers from Manchester will now have an easy pick if they ever search for quartz / granite services!


Granite pavement

Granite pavement – simply walk on

Granite qualities

Granite seems to be often underestimated when it comes to regarding its qualities and uses. Many people think of it as abundant, and therefore of little value. It’s worth to spend a while and learn about its outstanding qualities and value its beauty. First of all, granite is known to be a very hard stone. It’s truly resistant to all kinds of scratches or impacts. Don’t worry if something heavy thumps down on granite worktop. No harm done. Granite is also highly durable. Heat, moist liquids also do no damage to granite. Another quality that distinguishes granite is its unique coloring. You won’t find two the same granite slabs.

Granite pavement – enjoy the walk

Granite finds a lot of applications. It basically surrounds us. Think of granite floors in office buildings, of granite cladding in modern banks, of your neighbor’s bathroom worktops and don’t forget about looking down on granite pavements. One of the common uses of granite are granite pavements. If you just stop for a minute, look down and for the first time truly see what is it that you walk on.

Granite is a perfect solution when it comes to deciding on distinguishing your outside space. Due to application of modern technology and diamond saw blades it’s possible to cut granite in a variety of shapes and sizes. The shapes are always precise, cut straight and keeping the clean lines. Its unique coloring and veining makes it also quite outstanding and beautiful. What are the practical possibilities here? There are for example standards size granite setts that come in a few colors or more unusual granite slabs, that are bigger and to some seem to be more elegant and stylish. Generally, granite can be used for borders, driveways and pavements but also patios. If you need to make your patio truly stand out think of making it of granite. Choose the size and color that matches your needs. Enjoy your dinner outside and invite your guests to boast.


The most popular patterns and colours of granite worktops

The saying that men build houses, and women design them, can freely reflect the situation in the kitchen, whereby usually a man installs the granite worktop, and the woman chooses its colour. Of course it’s only a saying, but the point is – choosing a colour of your worktop is just as important as finally installing it. Everyone wants to have a worktop in a unique colour, and granite is the natural stone of our earth, with every possible available colours out there, therefore all will be unique in their own way. Continue reading The most popular patterns and colours of granite worktops