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Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets – practical tips

Kitchen cabinets – news

Kitchen cabinets are basically the very essence of kitchens. Of course, many people would disagree with such a statement, still for many people it’s kitchen worktop or kitchen island that’s the centre. It’s quite understandable, after all kitchen worktops and kitchen islands tend to draw attention and attract your guests. They are the places where all the action takes place. All everyday activities are centred around kitchen worktops and islands, and there’s a lot going on. Still, kitchen cabinets are what make kitchens what they truly are – places for storing and preparing food.

After all, kitchen cabinets are filled with kitchen utensils and equipment. All spoons, forks, cutlery and crookery as well as mixers and other mechanical tools are stored and hidden in cabinets. And they are the very essence of kitchen action and purpose – without proper tools it’s impossible to prepare meals and perform other kitchen activities, and not to mention eating and drinking. Besides, cabinets are important because they create kitchen space and embrace all the other kitchen elements, such as kitchen worktops or islands.

Generally, cabinets are very often made in such a way as to encircle kitchen worktop or create a background against it. What’s important, it’s the fact that in contemporary kitchens, kitchen cabinets are all about clean lines and clearly cut edges. Moreover, modern kitchen cabinets should be smooth and shiny, and their colour shouldn’t attract much attention. Therefore, in modern kitchens you’re certain to see pearly white, beige, grey or deep black cabinets – glossy and polished.

Kitchen cabinets – everyday life

When it comes to everyday life kitchen cabinets are very practical. Although, at first sight they may seem impractical, there’s simply too much shine and polish, their surface are made from the finest materials available and they are easy to clean and maintain. Usually, it’s just wet cloth that can make your kitchen cabinet clean and shiny. Contemporary kitchens are therefore really easy to maintain and don’t require much effort.

Kitchen cabinets are perfect solutions for people who want to follow modern design ideas and style. Their features make them really perfect and easy to use. Therefore, if you’re set on drawing your guests’ attention don’t hesitate to choose cabinets. Low maintenance, easiness to clean, sleek, shiny and eye-catching surfaces are only waiting for you. Range of choices can be quite overwhelming therefore, it’s best to browse online offers first.

Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets – possibilities

Kitchen cabinets – practical information

Kitchen cabinets are becoming more and more popular. When it comes to kitchen arrangement and design kitchens are changing constantly. Interestingly, there is nothing that stops kitchen design ideas and as a result everything is possible. Nowadays, it’s really ok to have traditional kitchens with typical cottage furniture, as well as modern day kitchens with its sleek and state-of-the-art cabinets. The possibilities here are endless. However, one thing is certain when it comes to modern day kitchens, they need to be above all highly practical and functional. You can truly choose whatever arrangement suits you best, yet your kitchen needs to remain functional. You can’t overwhelm your kitchen with clutter. You also can’t make it too cosy with too many details. On the other hand, you can’t also have it focused only on functionality. It needs to retain some kind of personalized atmosphere. One way to achieve this all is proper choice of kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets can come in many different forms. There’s really plenty to choose from. You can have modern day kitchen cabinets with clear cut lines and sleek shape. They usually come as units connected to form one piece. Sometimes it’s even impossible to say whether they are separate parts at all. Most often modern day kitchen cabinets are highly polished and have rather classic colors, like whites, greys, blacks. In case of more traditional kitchen cabinets you can choose from much more traditional materials (like wood, in case of moderns ones it’s often metal or some other artificial materials) and their shape reminds of traditional farm houses. No matter your choice remember to keep it all practical.

Kitchen cabinets – design ideas

Kitchen cabinets truly affect the way your kitchen looks. After all, most often they occupy most of the available space. Hence, you need to remember to choose them properly and devote appropriate amount of time to research. Sometimes it’s really a good idea to have a design agency prepare customized kitchen project specially for you. In this way you can be sure to avoid making  mistakes or choosing elements that don’t look together well.

Kitchen cabinets

Materials for kitchen cabinets and fronts

Are you designing your kitchen? You will soon be choosing the furniture! Bigger and smaller companies as well as building hypermarkets offer lots of possibilities. Of course, you can also chose furniture made on order. In each of the cases however, you should pay attention to the material from which kitchen cabinets will be made. Why is it so important? Because it influences the durability, resistance and appearance of the product and these aspects are important for every customer.

An overview of materials for kitchen cabinets and fronts:

  • Wood – a noble, elegant and always trendy material. The furniture can be made of different types of wood: ash, beech, alder, birch or cherry to name a few (of course each variety has a different grain and shade, and these factors influence the appearance of the furniture). Wood is very easy to process, so it can be cut into any shape and decorated. The important thing is that impregnated wooden kitchen cabinets are robust, durable and resistant to damage and moisture. If need be, they can be renovated. They suit both traditional and modern interior design. Unfortunately they are very expensive, so many people simply cannot afford them.
  • Medium-density fiberboards – are usually taped with PVC film or polished. It is a material obtained through mixing wood dust and chips with organic components, which are subsequently pressed down in a very high temperature. It is reasonably cheap and available in a wide variety of colours. Unfortunately medium-density fiberboard is not resistant to high temperatures and moisture (it is worth noting here that the polished boards are more resistant than those taped with PVC film and handle the above-mentioned “harmful” factors much better). It is also prone to scratches. However the low price of medium-density fiberboards is a great advantage.
  • Laminated board – is a chipboard or MDF board whose top layer has been protected with paper impregnated with resin. Of course the paper is pressed onto the structure of the board under very high temperature. Kitchen cabinets made of laminated board are quite durable, resistant to high temperatures and moisture and they are quite cheap, so it is not surprising that many clients choose this material. They come in a wide variety of colours and have a different finish (matt, shiny or with a structure resembling wood).
  • Veneer – the basis of veneer board is chipboard or MDF board, which is taped with a layer of veneer, in other words natural wood. Of course the whole board is then covered with polish, which prevents moisture and dirt from penetrating the structure. Veneer boards may have a matt or shiny finish. They are resistant, durable and quite robust.