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Colors of granite worktops – is there a limit

Granite worktops – possible colors

Granite is a natural stone that comes in a wide range of colors. It’s particularly amazing information since natural stones are rather known for their limited number of colors. In case of granite we can choose from very popular dark shades, starting from black to deep dark purple. Bu there are also vivid reds and shades of greens. And, finally, don’t forget about cream and light colors. The spectrum is remarkably rich and  eye-catching. In addition to colors granite can be polished in many different ways. Depending on a kind of polish granite can have a very high gloss  – then it’s all sparkly with even clearly visible crystals, or rather mat – here its surface seems almost uniform and the grains are highly visible. The type of polish can heavily influence the way the color appears. Shiny black granite can seem almost bright whereas the same color but polished to be mat can look darkly and sad. Therefore, when choosing colors it’s good to bear in mind that a final polish can heavily affect its look.

Granite colors  – possible applications

Colors of granite worktops vary a lot (see more at polishgranite.co.uk/granite/) Final polish and cut additionally influence the way granite looks. Roughed edged granite slabs naturally have darker look, whereas clean cut appear to be brighter and shiny. One of the interesting examples of granite colors is creamy. This shade is not one of the most typical for granite, but can be easily supplied. It really can draw people’s attention and be a perfect central point of your kitchen. It’s especially important in case of modern day kitchens which tend to oscillate around white colors. Purely white, buttermilk or ivory are very popular. Interestingly, they can fit perfectly for traditional as well as modern kitchens. Therefore, when we decide to have creamy granite worktop in the very center of our kitchen, we can  easily make it into traditional welcoming one or sterile white modern.

Imagine for example cream country traditional kitchen. Its very heart is your creamy granite worktop. It’s polished somewhere in the middle between high gloss and mat. You don’t want it to shine a cold light and take the warmth out of your kitchen. It stands as an island in the center and is surrounded by slightly creamy farmhouse furniture. The floor tiles are pretty huge and just a shade darker than the furniture. All other top surfaces, apart from island countertop are made black. It’s to enliven the kitchen. The light colors are broken with dark. Richly green plants and small additions make the kitchen even more vivid. The overwhelming aura of warm welcome and pleasant afternoon by the setting sun is extremely powerful. That’s the idea for traditional kitchen, let’s switch for a while to a modern one.

This time your creamy granite countertop stands in line with clean cut cabinets. They are milk white without any patterns. The space is clearly organized and all the appliances are out of sight, if possible, or cleverly set into the furniture. The lights are bright and cold. There is no clutter or unnecessary detail which can disorganize this harmony. The only thing that sets your kitchen off is the flooring – intense blue, the shade of midnight sea. These are just sample vision of kitchen centered around creamy granite countertop. Just think of all the other possibilities!

Granite suppliers

Granite suppliers

Granite suppliers – where do granite slabs come from

There is quite a lot of granite suppliers in London. You can choose what product you need depending on your purpose. The suppliers offer mostly already processed granite slabs to be further manufactured into individual ready designs, like bathrooms worktops, kitchen countertops or whole walls or flooring. But how do the granite slabs end up in the suppliers warehouses?

Everything starts with mining of the raw material, in this case granite. After the granite deposits are found (they are mostly located in Brazil) and secured, the granite mining companies bring special heavy equipment and explosives. The slope is drilled and mined. The landscape is excavated. As a result huge blocks of granite are loaded and transported in trucks to the on-site workshop sites. There the huge blocks are cut into thinner slabs and these undergo a few more processes such as: washing, resin filling, polishing and finally quality control. If everything goes as planned granite slabs are securely packed and shipped to the destination places. The whole process usually takes no more than a month. Within 30 days granite suppliers in London receive their order.

Although, it may appear simple the granite mining process is truly complex. Turning a raw solid rock into sparkling worktop is not an easy task. Visualising it when you are not an expert is even more difficult. Therefore, if you are curious and have difficulty to imagine just check out available videos on granite mining process.

Granite suppliers – how granite slabs are stored

Everything clear so far? What happens next when granite slabs find their temporary home in granite suppliers in London warehouses (to learn more about see polishgranite.co.uk) Although, granite slabs are durable and highly resistant to many factors still they need to be carefully handled. First of all, packing must be carefully designed to prevent cracking, too much stress on the granite slabs can create fractures in the natural grain. Then, they must be carefully palletized. Storage sites use special equipment and techniques to prevent any damages. Moreover, the storage sites themselves must be carefully organised. There must be enough space assigned to each stack and enough spaces separating them. Employees must retain special care when handling the stone, remembering its heavy load and possible danger of cracking. Temperature, humidity and light are also important factors when storing natural stones.

Carefully handling the stone during shipment from the excavation site to granite suppliers in London is still not enough. Only responsible storage and finally delivery and installation of the ready product in clients houses guarantees success. From the beginning to the very end granite is exposed to possible damage, therefore it is important to get familiar with the mining process, shipment, storage and installation before deciding on furnishing your house with this unique natural stone.

Granite kitchen countertops London

Granite kitchen countertops London

Granite kitchen countertops London – installation instructions

Stony countertops can be either attached to a wall, or embedded in kitchen cupboards. The latter solution is much more common. Most of the time the installation process is taken care of by professional stone work companies, but there is literally no contraindicating for us to install them by ourselves. One only needs to know how it is properly done. That is why we decided to prepare a short list of instructions for you, to help you learn how to permanently install granite kitchen countertops London in order to gain lasting and top effect. You will find all the details below.

Granite kitchen countertops London – installation guide

First thing to do is to check the level of the surface and the degree of its evenness. If there are any of imperfections present, they have to be taken out immediately.

Afterwards, one should proceed with countertop installation according to one of three ways. The first one suggests installing the countertop on every corner, both external and internal. However, one has to bear in mind to keep the distance of 10 cm from the countertop edge, but not any further. What is more, spaces between the fixings of all the countertop blocks cannot be bigger than 1 m. The second way is about installing the countertop to the countertop base that was prepared earlier using perforated angle brackets and screws. Stone plates are to be affixed to it using versatile and very strong glue. The last solution to install granite kitchen countertops London is to glue them to already existing and both stable and even base, like an old countertop made of chip board. Obviously, such installation requires usage of super-strong glue.

Next step is making fittings, although it has to be preceded with preparation of edges, which needs to be done with the help of a milling machine. After indicating the milling spot, the leading board has to be taken using clamp and installed using hot pistol and after the work is completed, both the board and the glue have to be removed with a knife or a chisel. Next phase is removal of clamp and actual milling.

Later comes the time for polishing the frontal surfaces with 150/180 grain sandpaper. Performing such task will make the glue bind both boards more firmly. Obviously, the surface should be degreased and stitches need to be enhanced with 5-10 cm wide stone line and of the same girth as the countertop, before carrying on with connecting the boards. When all these steps are done, one can proceed to joining the countertops.

While joining the countertops it is important to not let them move, to keep them stable. In order to do so, one has to attach adhesive tape just below the stitch. Then the boards may be placed alongside each other, but with the maximal distance between them being 3 mm. Later, the contiguous edges just need to be covered with glue and the blocks set up. Obviously, for granite kitchen countertops London to look the best, one should focus on the front edges forming an even line and the joining spots not being soiled so as not to change the color or the stitches texture.

1 slab of asterix granite

Most popular granite colors

If you’ve encountered this post, you are probably planning to remodel your kitchen and utilize granite as the main material for your kitchen worktop. You probably know a lot about this material, you researched the topic thoroughly before deciding on the granite worktop. You know very well it is one of the best (if not the best) materials for worktops, you also know its properties, first and foremost durability and the ease of maintenance. There is only one thing left that hinders your ability to order the worktop from a supplier – its color. Continue reading Most popular granite colors