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worktops online quote

worktops online quote

Kitchen worktops online quote – tips

On the network there is an increasing number of online quote applications, which allow the user to determine the costs of the project, for example of stairs or kitchen worktops. This is a perfect solution, because it enables fast personalization of the product, without leaving the house and it also produces its estimated quote. How to make kitchen worktops online quote, what to look out for and what to remember during the configuration stages? We are explaining all this in the further part of this article.

Kitchen worktops online quote – what to look out for.

  1. It is necessary to determine the type of material for the worktop. You can choose from different types of stone: granite, marble and quartz conglomerate to name a few.
  1. Take a closer look at the pictures of the materials, in order to choose the best colour. Compare them and try to imagine how the chosen worktop will look like in your kitchen.
  1. Pay attention to the name of the colour. If you type it in the search engine, you will find many pictures presenting products made out of this variety. You will surely be able to find photos, that present a ready worktop installed in the kitchen. They will make it easier for you to realize, how the worktop will look against light walls or dark furniture. This will give you some knowledge needed for final decision and it will narrow your search.
  1. Choose an appropriate shape. However, before you do it, create a project of the kitchen and confront your vision with the size of the interior and available space. Consider furniture arrangement, kitchen island, etc. This is important because the worktop will be mounted onto the cupboards so it has to be suited to their arrangement and dimensions.
  1. Fill in the dimensions of the worktop. Kitchen worktops online quote requires that you determine the length and width of the worktop. During the measurements, the edges of the worktop (that should stick out beyond the cupboards) must be taken into account. Only then will the ready project look good.
  1. Determine the type of finish. You can choose from several kinds of finish, however the most popular are polishing, grinding, brushing, and flaming. All of them produce different effect, so think twice before the final decision.
  1. Determine the type of edge finish. You can choose from several options: straight, slanted, half bullnose, quarter bullnose etc. These issues seem of little importance, but they influence the overall appearance of the product.
  1. Determine places where the cooker and the sink will be installed, so that the masonry company knows precisely where to cut the holes. Kitchen worktops online quote doesn’t always have this option, so once you have

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Granite care

Granite care

Granite care agent – information

Do you have a granite worktop at home that you would like to remain glossy and in a perfect shape? If so, you should clean it with special stone care agents. There are many different agents available on the market, so you will definitely find something that matches your needs. In this article we discuss the composition of these agents and directions for use, so you are kindly invited to keep on reading.


Granite care agents protect the stone from excessive drying and precisely remove greasy and oily stains, residue and other traces of use. Active substances clean and preserve stone’s surface, so that it retains its natural beauty. Acids and waxes that could potentially destroy the stone’s structure are absent in these agents, which means they are safe to use. They polish and provide a glossy effect but they do not cause the stone to become slippery, so they can also be used for floors. We recommend to use this type of products instead of other cleaning agents and glass cleaners, which may react with the stone causing permanent damage.

Directions for use

Every single product should be used according to manufacturer’s recommendations on the leaflet. However, in case of the most popular granite care agents, it is recommended to use 25-50 ml of agent in 4-5 liters of warm water. The solution should be applied to the surface with a soft cloth or mop. After a while, we should dilute the solution (add another 3-4 liters of warm water) and wash the surface again. Then the product should be left to dry. It is not necessary to wash it off with water. Once the product absorbs, the surface can be wiped with cotton or chamois cloth, just to make sure. Proper use should not leave damp patches or fluid streaks. However, if they appear, try using less product the next time. This will make your solution weaker.


Stone care agents are chemical products so special precautions should be taken. If the product comes into contact with clothing, it should be immediately taken off. Do not inhale the liquid or vapor and avoid direct contact with the skin and eyes. Wear rubber gloves before use, and after use wash your hands thoroughly. While cleaning the surface, do not eat meals, drink or smoke cigarettes. The interior in which the treatment takes place should be well ventilated.

Granite kitchen countertops London

Granite kitchen countertops London

Granite kitchen countertops London – installation instructions

Stony countertops can be either attached to a wall, or embedded in kitchen cupboards. The latter solution is much more common. Most of the time the installation process is taken care of by professional stone work companies, but there is literally no contraindicating for us to install them by ourselves. One only needs to know how it is properly done. That is why we decided to prepare a short list of instructions for you, to help you learn how to permanently install granite kitchen countertops London in order to gain lasting and top effect. You will find all the details below.

Granite kitchen countertops London – installation guide

First thing to do is to check the level of the surface and the degree of its evenness. If there are any of imperfections present, they have to be taken out immediately.

Afterwards, one should proceed with countertop installation according to one of three ways. The first one suggests installing the countertop on every corner, both external and internal. However, one has to bear in mind to keep the distance of 10 cm from the countertop edge, but not any further. What is more, spaces between the fixings of all the countertop blocks cannot be bigger than 1 m. The second way is about installing the countertop to the countertop base that was prepared earlier using perforated angle brackets and screws. Stone plates are to be affixed to it using versatile and very strong glue. The last solution to install granite kitchen countertops London is to glue them to already existing and both stable and even base, like an old countertop made of chip board. Obviously, such installation requires usage of super-strong glue.

Next step is making fittings, although it has to be preceded with preparation of edges, which needs to be done with the help of a milling machine. After indicating the milling spot, the leading board has to be taken using clamp and installed using hot pistol and after the work is completed, both the board and the glue have to be removed with a knife or a chisel. Next phase is removal of clamp and actual milling.

Later comes the time for polishing the frontal surfaces with 150/180 grain sandpaper. Performing such task will make the glue bind both boards more firmly. Obviously, the surface should be degreased and stitches need to be enhanced with 5-10 cm wide stone line and of the same girth as the countertop, before carrying on with connecting the boards. When all these steps are done, one can proceed to joining the countertops.

While joining the countertops it is important to not let them move, to keep them stable. In order to do so, one has to attach adhesive tape just below the stitch. Then the boards may be placed alongside each other, but with the maximal distance between them being 3 mm. Later, the contiguous edges just need to be covered with glue and the blocks set up. Obviously, for granite kitchen countertops London to look the best, one should focus on the front edges forming an even line and the joining spots not being soiled so as not to change the color or the stitches texture.

granite countertops

Granite countertops

Saving money on granite countertops

In this article, we are going to give you several tips on saving money when buying granite countertops. We all know that granite look beautifully, it is very durable natural stone, but we also know how the economy is. Frist of all, you should go to the fabricator that has the largest selection of granite colours. It is very important, because if they have more than hundred colours in their lowest price group, then there is good chance that you will find your favourite colour which can matched to your design, and what is more, at really reasonable price. However, if you go to manufacturer that can offer only several colours, there is a pretty big chance that you will have to go for the more expensive price group to find the right match.

Moreover, make sure that when you are choosing at the slabs, they are at the fabricator’s yard. If they send you to the warehouse to look at more colour choices, that means you are going to an importer or the a wholesaler. Then you can expect the prices to be much higher. Another very important thing is to look at the quality of the slabs you like. There is premium quality but there is also so-called commercial quality. You are probably wondering now what the difference between these two types is. In short, premium quality slabs are free of any imperfections. Make sure that if you are paying for the premium quality, you will not get the low-quality slabs. The other very useful tip is to compare various estimates from different manufacturers. It is important to analyze them as sometimes the price which looks really favourably, in reality is not. Manufacturers perfectly manipulate the numbers and sizes. When it comes to comparing, remember to compare the products of the same quality.

Only then, the comparison will be reliable and relevant. Just the price is not everything. Another good tip regards to the edge profiles. The simplest ones are obviously less expensive, for example the straight edge. However, if you combine more than one edge profile in your project, you will save some money. For example, you can choose more complex edges in islands. We also want to pay your attention to some coupons. Many of your local fabricators promote themselves in the mail you receive. Sometimes, in those emails are sent really good deals to encourage you to take a use of their services. In addition, there would be also a good way to save some money, if you make your templates.

Provide them to your fabricator, and then install on your own. By doing the other part of work by yourself, you will also save some money – remove your old countertops. In most cases, there is only necessary to screw countertops from cabinets. Furthermore, if you are going to do more than one project at your home, for example, the space around fireplace and the kitchen, try to them at the same time. Thanks to this, you can also negotiate the total price for service.

luxury granite worktops

Is it worth to choose a granite worktops for your kitchen?

If you plan a refurbishment of your home or you are constructing a new one, you will have to make one of the hardest choices when it comes to the interior design – selection of a kitchen worktop. The number of materials used in the production of worktops is astonishing and choosing the right one just for you may seem impossible at first. You have to take many things into the account – the type of overall interior design, the purpose of the worktop, the conditions it will be installed in, its weight, price and many others. It also has to be easy to use, clean and maintain and, last but not least – it should look good. Nowadays, one of the most popular kitchen tops are granite worktops and we will tell you why it is such a popular choice.

Granite worktops – why should they be in your kitchen?

First things first. You should know that granite is one of the most durable natural materials on earth and is a perfect choice for creating a kitchen worktop. It doesn’t age, it is resistant to numerous outside factors and mechanical damage (ie. scratching) and all other conditions that prevail in the kitchen. Granite worktops are very resistant to abrasion and denting, so you can be sure that without a truly powerful force the surface won’t get damaged. You can also put a hot pot or pan on it and you won’t see any permanent damage. Thus, a natural stone worktop is a great choice for hard kitchen conditions. Yes, granite is even resistant to moist if you maintain it properly and make sure it is waterproofed once in a while. It is non-flammable and very safe to utilize. Granite worktops provide safety in the kitchen. If you want to buy this kitchen countertop you will
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It is also worth to mention that some types of granite also do not absorb grease and are resistant to chemicals, so their maintenance is even easier. Smooth, polished surface is simple to clean – you just need a damp cloth to wipe any stains. Granite worktops do not lose their beauty after years of use and stay elegant for a lifetime. Moreover, most dents and scratches (if any appear) can be easily removed using simple polishing tools. Granite worktops, due to a huge variety and freedom of choice when it comes to patterns and colors, may match any interior design and will be a great addition to any home. The beauty of such worktops is utilized best when the top contrasts the kitchen furniture. Those who decide to install one in their home have a range of blacks, grays, whites, beiges and other natural colors to choose from and such hues will look good in both classic and modern interiors. Some more unique colors (greens or even blues) are also available, although tier rarity makes them slightly more expensive. The possibilities are almost endless and you can make your granite worktops a central part not only of your kitchen design, but create an arrangement all around it and make it a central part of your home. And you will use that convenient beauty for next couple of decades.

countertop in dark colour

How to seal granite countertops?

Granite countertops look amazing and beautifully in our kitchen. As granite is hard natural stone, it is also very durable and resilient. However, it does not mean that we do not have to clean it, and care of it every day. Of course, it is really important to clean it properly every day. The other characteristic of all natural stones is porous surface, which results in regular sealing. Despite highly-styled and aesthetic look of granite, a lot of people may be discouraged to order granite countertops, because they have to be sealed. In fact, sealing is simple process that you can do on your own. Moreover, detailed and very accurate sealing needs to be performed only once a year. Our aim is to explain granite countertops owners how they should seal them. At the same time, we wish to show those who consider granite countertops sealing very difficult that they are simply wrong.

At the beginning, there should be underlined that you do not have to purchase extremely expensive and professional items for sealing. Most of the need staff you probably already have, so you will save a lot of money. Firstly, take all staff which you usually keep on countertops. Before you attempt to seal them, be sure that they are clean and dry.  As the best product we recommend to buy something what is specifically designated for granite and other natural stones. Such cleaners will not leave any harmful residue on the surface. Moreover, by using proper products, you will avoid changing the look of granite, and you will keep it as natural as it is now. It remains look and aesthetic.  The other thing that we advise is to clean countertops twice. Keep in mind that you need to wait about one hour before you start cleaning countertops again. The reason why you should do this is to be sure, that a sealer has penetrated the stone accurately.During cleaning, there is a lot of moisture which does not allowed us to really properly clean the whole surface. Why is it so important? As it has been already mentioned, granite has porous surface, which makes sealing difficult to perform.Twice cleaning is really good and professional job. Surface of the countertop is quite big, so we also recommend buying a product with a sprayer. Thanks to this, you will not only avoid using to much the cleaner than it is needed, but also you will save your time. You can seal countertops with a small paintbrush or a kitchen sponge, but the best are flat painting pads that are designed for painting in and around the window. Once you have put your cleaner on the surface, you can start manipulate the sealer across the countertop. You should cleanproperly parts around the kitchen sink and cook top, because they are areas we put a lot of grease. If you have a coffee machine, you can also pay special attention to area around and under it. After that, you need to dry the surface. In order to do this you can use a paper towel or a cloth. Making all these steps once is possible, but if you are not sure your countertops are sealed up properly, you should put the second coat of the product you choose, and repeat everything one more time.

Countertops' materials

Countertops’ materials in the kitchen

Countertops’ materials

Countertops’ materials & Kitchen is considered to be woman’s kingdom. Very often, people claim, especially men, kitchen is the woman’s place. For most of us it sounds as if it has offensive overtone, but in reality, it is true. There is nothing wrong in fact that most kitchens are dominated by women. Even if for some of them term “kitchen” associates only with negative meaning, women should really change their ordinary kitchens into “real kingdoms”. Nowadays, there are so many beautiful and innovative designs that cooking and spending time in our kitchen is pleasure not a duty.

It is worth mentioning that fashion has dominated each aspect of our life including home equipment and decorations. Thanks to this, we are allowed to find a happy medium between practicalness and modern design. In addition, follow trends might be in line with reasonable prices as well. One of the most vital part of the kitchen equipment are countertops. When we are choosing a design of countertops, the most important thing we should draw our attention to is a raw material. Remember that countertops should be not only practical, i.e., easy to maintain and durable, but also it should be kind of “representative” element. Because of that, we prepared some useful information and tips related to countertops materials, which of them are particularly worth your attention.

The most durable and presentable materials are natural stone such granite, marble or limestone. Countertops made from any of aforementioned stones look aesthetic and they are a guarantee of great long-lasting effect. These materials are not only available in various colours, but also they are resilient and thereby durable. Probably, the only drawbacks of such natural stones are their prices as ordering kitchen equipment with such countertops can make a dent in our budget.

For those who are looking for something really special and unique, we recommend lava stone counters. As the name presents, it is volcanic stone, unfortunately, easy to purchase only in France. Because of these reasons, and its great resilient qualities, for lava stone countertops we have to pay sky-high prices. Nevertheless, those customers who really love stylish and originally designed accessories should opt for it.

The other material worth recommendation is glass. It looks so elegant, luxuriously and, in spite of appearances, glass countertops are smooth but easy to maintain. Moreover, as marble or granite countertops, they are also durable and heat tolerant. The other things that these two types have in common are their prices. Glass countertops are also high-priced.

If you cannot afford to buy something extremely expensive, the good option would be tile countertops. They are available in wide range of colours and styles. In addition, they are also known to be heat resilient and thereby they last for a long times as well. In general, tile countertops are accessible in budget prices.

Of course, described materials are the only ones used in countertops’ manufacturing. Our goal was only to give you a short and genral overview of the most original stones and materials.

1 slab of asterix granite

Most popular granite colors

If you’ve encountered this post, you are probably planning to remodel your kitchen and utilize granite as the main material for your kitchen worktop. You probably know a lot about this material, you researched the topic thoroughly before deciding on the granite worktop. You know very well it is one of the best (if not the best) materials for worktops, you also know its properties, first and foremost durability and the ease of maintenance. There is only one thing left that hinders your ability to order the worktop from a supplier – its color. Continue reading Most popular granite colors