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Kitchen cabinets

Materials for kitchen cabinets and fronts

Are you designing your kitchen? You will soon be choosing the furniture! Bigger and smaller companies as well as building hypermarkets offer lots of possibilities. Of course, you can also chose furniture made on order. In each of the cases however, you should pay attention to the material from which kitchen cabinets will be made. Why is it so important? Because it influences the durability, resistance and appearance of the product and these aspects are important for every customer.

An overview of materials for kitchen cabinets and fronts:

  • Wood – a noble, elegant and always trendy material. The furniture can be made of different types of wood: ash, beech, alder, birch or cherry to name a few (of course each variety has a different grain and shade, and these factors influence the appearance of the furniture). Wood is very easy to process, so it can be cut into any shape and decorated. The important thing is that impregnated wooden kitchen cabinets are robust, durable and resistant to damage and moisture. If need be, they can be renovated. They suit both traditional and modern interior design. Unfortunately they are very expensive, so many people simply cannot afford them.
  • Medium-density fiberboards – are usually taped with PVC film or polished. It is a material obtained through mixing wood dust and chips with organic components, which are subsequently pressed down in a very high temperature. It is reasonably cheap and available in a wide variety of colours. Unfortunately medium-density fiberboard is not resistant to high temperatures and moisture (it is worth noting here that the polished boards are more resistant than those taped with PVC film and handle the above-mentioned “harmful” factors much better). It is also prone to scratches. However the low price of medium-density fiberboards is a great advantage.
  • Laminated board – is a chipboard or MDF board whose top layer has been protected with paper impregnated with resin. Of course the paper is pressed onto the structure of the board under very high temperature. Kitchen cabinets made of laminated board are quite durable, resistant to high temperatures and moisture and they are quite cheap, so it is not surprising that many clients choose this material. They come in a wide variety of colours and have a different finish (matt, shiny or with a structure resembling wood).
  • Veneer – the basis of veneer board is chipboard or MDF board, which is taped with a layer of veneer, in other words natural wood. Of course the whole board is then covered with polish, which prevents moisture and dirt from penetrating the structure. Veneer boards may have a matt or shiny finish. They are resistant, durable and quite robust.
Well-organized kitchen

Well-organized kitchen

Kitchen should be kept clean and well-organized

Keeping your home is really not that hard once you get over the mountain of getting it all organized. Clearing out of the clutter is the first step in fact. Kitchen is heart of the home – we prepare there our meals, our friends and family gather together here as well. You need to get to all your closets, your cupboards, your drawers and countertops. Remember that if you dream about beautiful, glossy and well-organized kitchen, take care of it from the very beginning. After a while you collect more items, so the more things you have, the bigger mess you make.

Finding the place for each item is the crucial element of each kitchen organisation. Thanks to this, it will be really easy to keep everything in order, and you will need only a few minutes to clean your kitchen every day. You can simply wipe everything out. Such great organisation will also allow you to find anything you need quickly and easily. You do not have to waste your free time on looking for everything. However, such process is going to take time, but such change is worth it. Moreover, it is going to be a lot of work. When you want to change something in your kitchen, make it organised and clean, most of you probably ask yourself: “Where to begin?”.

At the beginning, you should decide what you really need. Things that you do not use, or things that are damaged you should throw away. After such selection, you can start you organisation process. Before you put some items in your cupboards again, remember about cleaning all cupboards and cabinets you have. Even if your kitchen seems to be clean, in fact, there is a lot of grease and dust on your celling, cabinets and inside them. Because of that reason, your organisation should start with the proper cleaning. Try to get every nook and cranny but you do not have to buy any special cleaners. You need only washing-up liquid, a cloth and hot water. However, you do not have to organise all cabinets in one day.

If you are very busy just pick one cabinet per one day. By doing this, you will clean each space properly and it will be a great pleasure for you as well. Undoubtedly, you need to put your all spices in the proper order. Buy some jars, plastic containers, and leave them on some open shelves or inside your cabinets. Remember also about some labels with the names of all products. If you leave your spices on the open shelves, such display will also play great decorative role.

Moreover, you should select which items you use more often, which less. Of course, those which you use the most should be placed in front of the others. Otherwise, you will make a great mess again. The great idea is also to put all backing products on one shelf, cooking products on the other one. In this way, when you are going to cook or bake, you find exactly what you need. However, when it comes to cleaning, remember that before you put anything in the cabinet, wipe each jar, container, or bottle.