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polish granite

Polish Granite – beauty enchanted in stone

Stone is a gift of nature, whose properties are irreplaceable in every room, especially in the kitchen. First of all, kitchen worktops made of marble or granite are resistant to scratches and abrasion – they can be cut on them without using a board. You can also put a hot pot on a stone table without worrying that its surface will be damaged. Stone is also highly resistant to moisture and dirt. All these features make Polish Granite products an ideal choice for any modern interior.

Polish Granite – beauty enchanted in stone

Marble, granite and quartzogranites are the main materials on which Polish Granite works. The company has been operating on the market since 2006 and is now available to customers from the UK and Poland.  The company offers a wide range of products – from small stone fillings to e.g. stone stairs. From the Polish Granite offer we particularly recommend granite kitchen tops and marble bathroom tops, but also stone window sills and natural stone floors, which look very elegantly adding a luxurious character to the room, which is their undeniable advantage.

It is worth remembering that a granite or marble table top in every kitchen wins in competition with synthetic materials. The need to surround oneself with natural materials, such as stone and wood, seems to result not only from their beauty, but also from the feeling that houses finished with natural materials are healthier.

Kitchen worktops made of stone are primarily ecological, because their compact structure prevents the absorption of any substances, thus preventing the development of bacteria. Polish Granite kitchen worktops present themselves very elegantly, adding a luxurious character to the kitchen, which is their undeniable advantage. In addition, on the website of the company you can find a dedicated application that will allow you to choose a stone worktop, know its price and order, without leaving home. and without incurring costs. Completely free of charge and in just a few seconds you will get to know the average prices of marble kitchen or bathroom worktop made of granite.

A novelty in the offer are undoubtedly wall panels, which perfectly replace the traditional tiles. They are made of large glass panes, thanks to which they perfectly protect walls against dirt and at the same time look very effective both in traditional and modern kitchen interiors. Glass surface perfectly reflects light, and rich colors make it easy to match glass to any type and color of cabinets.


Polish Granite ( boasts many completed stone works for individual clients, such as kitchen worktops, as well as large projects such as stone facades and interior finishing of offices, hotels and other public buildings. In addition, the company has numerous recommendations and enjoys the reputation of a company that offers good service and a product of the highest quality. For years it has been cooperating with respected stone companies such as Levantina, Compac, Ingemar, Technistone, B-Stone, Silestone, Diresco.

Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets – practical tips

Kitchen cabinets – news

Kitchen cabinets are basically the very essence of kitchens. Of course, many people would disagree with such a statement, still for many people it’s kitchen worktop or kitchen island that’s the centre. It’s quite understandable, after all kitchen worktops and kitchen islands tend to draw attention and attract your guests. They are the places where all the action takes place. All everyday activities are centred around kitchen worktops and islands, and there’s a lot going on. Still, kitchen cabinets are what make kitchens what they truly are – places for storing and preparing food.

After all, kitchen cabinets are filled with kitchen utensils and equipment. All spoons, forks, cutlery and crookery as well as mixers and other mechanical tools are stored and hidden in cabinets. And they are the very essence of kitchen action and purpose – without proper tools it’s impossible to prepare meals and perform other kitchen activities, and not to mention eating and drinking. Besides, cabinets are important because they create kitchen space and embrace all the other kitchen elements, such as kitchen worktops or islands.

Generally, cabinets are very often made in such a way as to encircle kitchen worktop or create a background against it. What’s important, it’s the fact that in contemporary kitchens, kitchen cabinets are all about clean lines and clearly cut edges. Moreover, modern kitchen cabinets should be smooth and shiny, and their colour shouldn’t attract much attention. Therefore, in modern kitchens you’re certain to see pearly white, beige, grey or deep black cabinets – glossy and polished.

Kitchen cabinets – everyday life

When it comes to everyday life kitchen cabinets are very practical. Although, at first sight they may seem impractical, there’s simply too much shine and polish, their surface are made from the finest materials available and they are easy to clean and maintain. Usually, it’s just wet cloth that can make your kitchen cabinet clean and shiny. Contemporary kitchens are therefore really easy to maintain and don’t require much effort.

Kitchen cabinets are perfect solutions for people who want to follow modern design ideas and style. Their features make them really perfect and easy to use. Therefore, if you’re set on drawing your guests’ attention don’t hesitate to choose cabinets. Low maintenance, easiness to clean, sleek, shiny and eye-catching surfaces are only waiting for you. Range of choices can be quite overwhelming therefore, it’s best to browse online offers first.

Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets – possibilities

Kitchen cabinets – practical information

Kitchen cabinets are becoming more and more popular. When it comes to kitchen arrangement and design kitchens are changing constantly. Interestingly, there is nothing that stops kitchen design ideas and as a result everything is possible. Nowadays, it’s really ok to have traditional kitchens with typical cottage furniture, as well as modern day kitchens with its sleek and state-of-the-art cabinets. The possibilities here are endless. However, one thing is certain when it comes to modern day kitchens, they need to be above all highly practical and functional. You can truly choose whatever arrangement suits you best, yet your kitchen needs to remain functional. You can’t overwhelm your kitchen with clutter. You also can’t make it too cosy with too many details. On the other hand, you can’t also have it focused only on functionality. It needs to retain some kind of personalized atmosphere. One way to achieve this all is proper choice of kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets can come in many different forms. There’s really plenty to choose from. You can have modern day kitchen cabinets with clear cut lines and sleek shape. They usually come as units connected to form one piece. Sometimes it’s even impossible to say whether they are separate parts at all. Most often modern day kitchen cabinets are highly polished and have rather classic colors, like whites, greys, blacks. In case of more traditional kitchen cabinets you can choose from much more traditional materials (like wood, in case of moderns ones it’s often metal or some other artificial materials) and their shape reminds of traditional farm houses. No matter your choice remember to keep it all practical.

Kitchen cabinets – design ideas

Kitchen cabinets truly affect the way your kitchen looks. After all, most often they occupy most of the available space. Hence, you need to remember to choose them properly and devote appropriate amount of time to research. Sometimes it’s really a good idea to have a design agency prepare customized kitchen project specially for you. In this way you can be sure to avoid making  mistakes or choosing elements that don’t look together well.

Chocolate quartz

Chocolate quartz kitchen – enjoy free time

Chocolate quartz – properties

Quartz is an engineered stone that comes in a variety of colors. Since it’s man made it means the range of possible colors is limitless and you can choose from a huge number of shades. Some of them are matt and appear dull, you can find here dark greens or boring greys. Others are shiny and have a lot glossy particles that are inevitably drawing your attention. No matter the matt or gloss they all look interesting in proper interiors.

Apart from a huge number of colors that you can choose from there are quartz properties which make a perfect stone for furniture. Quartz is a very durable material, its natural resistance is effectively enhanced when it’s engineered. It withstands all kinds of harmful factors, like severe weather conditions, rains, winds, temperature fluctuations etc. It doesn’t absorb liquids and can’t be easily scratched or damages in any other way.

Chocolate quartz kitchen – sit back and relax

Due to quartz variety of colors and qualities it’s perfect for kitchen countertops or bathroom worktops. These spaces by nature need to resist multiplicity of harmful factors, hence quartz is very much suitable there. To illustrate, just imagine a quartz kitchen. Let’s make it more specific so you can truly follow. Think of chocolate quartz kitchen countertop. The color is deep brown and matt. At first sight it may appear dull, but it really isn’t. The dormant intensity of chocolate brown is charismatic and draw your guests eyes.

If you imagine the color now let’s move on to arrangements and design. Chocolate quartz countertops sits in the middle of your kitchen. It’s a kitchen island with extra space which can be used as a dining table. The whole kitchen is designed in a traditional style. The country style furniture surrounds the countertop. The dominating colors are all shades of brown. Starting from light brown furniture and finishing on dark chocolate brown countertop. Light is the finishing touch. Sun rays coming through the big windows make the whole kitchen shiny and inviting. Now, it’s only time for you to sit back and relax.

Kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation: how to renovate the kitchen fast and at a relatively low cost?

Your kitchen doesn’t look like it is supposed to? It probably needs a little redesign. Contrary to what one might expect, little but significant changes don’t have to be expensive. In this article we are advising how to make a kitchen renovation, which will not ruin your budget. Here are our ideas!

Kitchen renovation – ideas for cheap and fast changes in the appearance of the interior

  1. Paint the walls a different colour or use different finish materials. You can decorate the space between cabinets with a glass panel or ceramic tiles. A good idea is to install a photo wallpaper on a big surface – it will certainly draw attention.
  1. Choose original lightning. Exchange the old lamp for one that has an extraordinary shape or is made from unpopular materials (remember however that it has got to be practical and easy to clean). Installing led lights under upper cabinets or illuminating the furniture from below will guarantee a spectacular effect. Of course the lights don’t have to be white, you can use red, blue or green. Remember however, that they should match the rest of design.
  1. If you can’t afford a general kitchen renovation and replacement of furniture you can renovate the fronts only. You will be surprised how much this little trick will transform the overall appearance of the interior. The fronts of the cabinets can be painted, taped with a special film or exchanged for ones made of glass for instance. It all depends on your vision and the effect you want to achieve.
  1. Invest in new accessories. You can put a vase in a bright colour on the table, hang matching gadgets and kitchen utensils over the worktop. Besides that, you can place plants and herbs in pots in the windowsill, hang pictures, photos or graphics on the wall, put colourful cushions on the stools or invest in a new upholstery. Seemingly little, but the difference is great.
  1. Kitchen renovation may include exchange of household appliances, but this is quite expensive. If the amount of money you can spend is limited, buy a new sink and a mixer tap in the first place. These are the spaces on which wear is most visible, so it is worth to exchange them for new ones.
impregnate natural stone

When is it worth it to impregnate natural stone?

Impregnate natural stone

The impregnation treatment increases the durability and resistance of stone. Employees of stone-related manufacturing sites regularly impregnate the matrials in order to minimise their damage. When and in what situations should natural stone be impregnated? The answer can be found later in this article.

Impregnation should be used when:

• you want the surfaces to be perfectly smooth and mechanically polished,

• you want the stone to be completely resistant to the adhesion of dirt, oils, moisture, and chemicals – the closure of the naturally occurring micropores provides such an effect.

• simple polishing the surface with the finest diamond dust does not bring the expected results in the form of a perfectly smooth surface, and will not improve the resistance of the material,

• you want to deepen the colour of the minerals that make up the stone and increase the saturation of the colours,

• if you want to get a half-polished or semi-matt finish, while maintaining the anti-slip properties of the surface layer of the material,

• you intend to deepen the colour and protect the structure of the rough surface, eg. Having the honed/matted finish but simaltaneously improving the surfaces resistance to heat, water or chemicals

• you want to improve the comfort of the surface, to improve the process of cleaning and reduce its vulnerability (the perfectly smooth surface does not adhere dirt, and its removal is far more efficient)

• you need to protect the materials exposed to heavy use or frequent contact with liquids, eg. In your kitchen, bathroom, stairs, window sills, tiles, etc.

It is worth noting that the impregnation should be carried out regularly and with the use of appropriate fluids. There are various types on the market. Their selection is determined by: the type of stone and its texture. Of course, the detergents should be used judiciously and in accordance with the instructions given on the package. They are usually dissolved in water, applied to the clean surface and allowed to dry completely. You can impregnate a stone by yourself or ask for help from an experienced professional.

Purchasing equipment

Purchasing equipment for flat

Purchasing equipment for flat

While arranging a flat’s interior it is necessary proper Purchasing equipment. However, one has to bear in mind that making large purchases will result bigger prices for particular elements of equipment. It is why reasonable shopping is essential, when one can combine purchasing high quality elements of equipment that is available for an affordable price. Especially when buying things for a new flat one has to be aware that such purchases happen once but are pretty expensive. However, by choosing high quality and durable products one can rest assured that usage time will last longer and the necessity of buying a replacement or making a renovation will be postponed.

As a result materials like stone worktops are much better solution. Such solution gives access to products that are resilient to the conditions present in kitchen. These are conditions that among other cause water and steam to occur simultaneously and as a consequence mean a necessity to use chemical substances. That is why durable granite worktops are able to provide much longer usage time for furniture made of such material.

Where to buy kitchen equipment?

Total amount of costs of equipping a kitchen is also influenced by the place the purchases are made. As a result it is recommended to buy kitchen equipment in stores that offer various discounts and sales. Such stores include big supermarkets that may grant bigger discounts depending on the amount spent. Such stores may also offer financially attractive temporal discounts.

On the other hand while buying separate elements of equipment it is wise to shop online. Such shops usually come with smaller prices for their goods. At the same time lower shipping fees or free shipping may make this way of purchasing the most profitable.

Equipping the entire flat

Equipping an entirely new flat is an issue that requires a lot of money spent in a short time. Because of that it is important to purchase sets of furniture or devices for various rooms as sets usually come with lower prices than buying each element separately.

A good solution is also to keep track of information posted by various websites concerned with interior design or construction works to be able to check the quality and prices of optimal materials or devices. Other solution while looking for good prices is to use special websites that allow its users to comfortably compare offers of various shops and find best discounts and lowest prices.