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Granite worktops online quote

Granite worktops online quote

Granite worktops online quote – the most important benefits

Have you renovated your kitchen and decided to replace your old worktop with a new one made of natural stone? It’s a great idea! However, before the moment of its installation, you must first place an order for its execution. In order to do this, you should contact the stone company and present the details of the project so that it can evaluate the implementation of the order. A great solution is also granite worktops online quote. This is an excellent option, which will give you an idea of the estimated costs of the product, but not only. Why is it still worth to use it? You will find the answer in the further part of the text.

Granite worktops online quote – the best advantages of the solution:

  • Convenience – in order to know the approximate price of worktops you don’t have to leave the house. Just sit in front of the computer and go through the next steps of the valuation. The wizard is very intuitive. All you have to do is to indicate the product parameters by selecting them from the given information. Easily, quickly and comfortably.
  • Saving time – sending a dozen or several dozen inquiries with a request for valuation of the project may take a lot of time. Therefore, if you want to save it, use the granite worktops online quote. You will find all the information in one place. In addition, you will be able to compare the prices of products made of different materials, and this will give you more choice and make it easier to make the final decision, especially if you have a limited budget.
  • Variety of colours – in the application for table tops pricing there are photos of particular materials, so you do not have to choose them blindly or search the photo database on the Internet to find out what shade of stone is hidden under a given name. This is a great help, especially if you don’t have much knowledge of the subject. Photos will also make it easier for you to match the shade to your interior design, because you have to remember that worktops are an integral part of the whole composition, so they have to harmonize with the style of the room and the color of walls, floor and furniture.
  • You will know the costs – using a valuation tool will allow you to determine the estimated cost of making worktops from different varieties of granite. You will be able to compare the amounts obtained and on their basis decide which products meet your requirements and fall within the price range you have set.
  • Huge knowledge base – using the granite worktops online quote you will learn what information and technical parameters should be given when placing an order. Thanks to this you will not forget about anything and gain knowledge, which may prove useful in the future (e.g. when placing another order or advising friends on the selection of work surfaces in the kitchen).

As you can see, the benefits of granite worktops online quote is quite a lot, so it is worth using this solution. However, bear in mind that the results obtained through the application are only approximate. Therefore, in order to get to know more precise costs of order execution and possible assembly, it is necessary to contact an employee of the company, who will take into account all aspects and on the basis of their analysis will prepare an estimate of the cost of the service.

Grey quartz worktops

Grey quartz worktops – your choice matters

Grey quartz worktops – choose yourself

The market offering kitchen products, like worktops or cabinets is full to the brim. There are so many offers, so many possible choices that sometimes you can simply feel too overwhelmed and exhausted. So you give up and leave the choice to others. You hire architects, house interior designers, design specialists or sometimes you leave the choice with given products suppliers. You just enter, let’s say, granite supplier and let them decide what suits best your kitchen or bathroom. It’s a wasted opportunity for you to stand up for yourself. After all, it’s your house that needs to be furnished, no one else’s. The fact of making choices yourself is extremely important when it comes to kitchen worktops. Kitchen worktops are basically the essence of your kitchen and therefore, they need to be chosen properly and with great care. You don’t want your kitchen worktop to stand out and look awkward like out of place. This can happen when you let others decide what’s best for you. Even the highest quality top of the shelf worktop won’t do if it’s out of place and doesn’t fit in with the general kitchen atmosphere.

Grey quartz worktops – think ahead

Let’s consider the above on the specific example. Let’s say you choose grey quartz worktop. You choose it because you like, and not because somebody has recommended it to you. But these aren’t the only reasons. You choose it really carefully and with great caution. You are prepared. You know what are quartz qualities. Quartz is known for its very high durability and resistance to variety of kitchen specific harmful factors like heat, humidity, impacts etc. Since, you know so much, it’s no surprise that you’re also aware  that quartz is an engineered stone and as such comes in every imaginable color. You choose grey quartz worktop not only because you like grey color, but also because you can imagine grey worktop sitting in the middle of your white washed modern day kitchen. You are deeply convinced and know that this worktop will work fine with your modern stainless cabinets and appliances. You decide to have it highly polished with clean edges – they will work well with smooth lines of your kitchen. Can you see it? Can you imagine someone else making this choice for you? Do they know your kitchen as you do, can they feel its mood? Of course, they can visit and have a look at your kitchen, they can give good advice, but they will never be able to convince you that it’s a good choice unless you let them. The final decision must always be yours.

Quartz starlight

Quartz starlight – have the sky come to you

Quartz starlight colors

Quartz starlight colors are stunning. The term basically refers to type of quartz colors with sparkles. The effect is created by careful engineering. Quartz color is enhanced with shiny elements. So called starlight versions are available in wide range of colors. Nothing is the limit here. Any quartz color can be successfully enhanced with shine particles. Just imagine a deep black slab with shiny particles. It reminds of night sky with stars shining above. Similarly with deep blue sparkly slab, which brings to mind image of an ocean at sunny midday. Now, it all depends on you what color suits you best.

Quartz starlight – have the sky come to you

Interesting idea is to furnish your kitchen with deep blue starlight quartz worktop. Choose a very intense shade with many sparkles. Don’t be afraid. Just imagine the following. The kitchen is not very big, but it’s not very small either. In the middle there is a kitchen island. The worktop is made of starlight blue quartz. It’s carefully polished and full of clean cut lines. There’s only little space for tap, sink and little work surface. There are no chairs around, no extra spaces to accommodate any other business thAn washing and preparing food. The worktop is set in wood. The island is surrounded by wooden cabinets. All the appliances are hidden. There are two windows. The kitchen is bright with natural light. The worktop’s sparkles come instantly to life when sun beams touch them. In of the corners there are a few intensely green plants. The leaves are pretty huge and beckoning. Can you imagine a kitchen like that? It’s just one of the examples how to make the sky come to your house. Starlight blues can make it happen.

The possibilities here are endless. Quartz is an attractive material to choose when furnishing your house. Although, it’s not 100% natural it can really set off your house. Starlight colors are not the only choice here. Just think of quartz slabs with many irregular grains visible beneath and a line of golden veining circling around.

Quartz oasis

Quartz oasis – where to find it

Colors of quartz

Quartz colors are amazing. The spectrum varies from deepest black to pure pearly white. They can shine and have a very high gloss or they can be completely mat without any sparkles, They can also be more or less uniform or varied with irregular patches of crystals or unusual veining. Interestingly, very often their beauty results not form pure nature but careful engineering and processing. Remember, however, that engineered does not mean that colors are taken out of the blue and totally changed. They are only a little manipulated and enhanced. Colors of quartz depend also on the methods of polishing. This is not only the issue of gloss or mat, but the case of colors’ intensity and quartz structure.

Quartz oasis – where can it take us

Term quartz oasis may sound pretty strange. First associations are connected with oasis, a peaceful haven somewhere on a ruthless desert filled with life giving water. Imagine the sand all around you, sun is mercilessly beating down and everything seems lost. Then suddenly, somewhere in the middle of this cruel place there is an oasis, still surrounded and abundant in sand but with a little spring underneath the greenest palm tree you’ve ever seen. And to be completely peaceful, just look up at the blue as the midday ocean sky. Uniform and unmoving. Sounds too picturesque or fake? It may be but it doesn’t matter. That’s the basic picture that  comes to people’s minds when they hear the word oasis. Of course only to those who have never seen real desert. That’s explained but what about quartz, how does it fit here?

First of all, quartz is present in the grains of sand. The phrase quartz oasis is, therefore a real thing. It’s quartz’s kingdom. But quartz oasis is simultaneously something else. It’s simply one of the names of quartz colors. The name is rich and intense. It brings a lot of meaning. Quartz oasis in a way encompasses all the above described oasis with it stunning beauty and the sound of sand crunching beneath your feet. It’s the color of sand with its irregular grains, something between white and gold. Full of gloss and sparkles. The color is perfect for fitting traditional as well as contemporary interiors.

Quartz uses

Quartz uses – curious facts

Quartz – what is it

Quartz is a mineral composed of oxygen and silicon. After feldspar quartz is the second most commonly found mineral in the world. There is variety of quartz types, there are even some precious gemstones. It’s name derives from the German word and stands for hard. Quartz is known for its high durability and resistance to many harmful factors. Because of that quartz has found multiple applications in building and construction. Today quartz uses are for example: bathroom and kitchen worktops (to learn more see www,) walls and flooring, jewellery and sculpture.

Quartz uses – what many people heard of but hardly know

Firstly, let’s have a look at technological quartz uses. Quartz contains silicon and is therefore used to make many computer parts. It’s widely used in modern computer technology. Mostly it can be found in computer chips. Quartz is also found in clocks. Quartz is used there to create a signal with very precise frequency to regulate the electronic oscillator. Basically, instead of pendulum or moving balance wheel it’s the quartz crystal that regulates the gear inside. In other words the quartz is there to keep time. Another, too many surprising, use is in the window glass, since it is transparent and durable it is often used in industrial buildings window panes.

Then, there are also more intangible applications connected with the mineral’s energy. Quartz is believed to have a few magical powers. It’s inner energy can boost the growth in your garden. If you are experiencing trouble in your plants growth simply bury the quartz crystal in the appropriate place in the ground and wait for the results. Quartz can also help you in your spiritual growth, just get yourself a piece of crystal or jewellery with this stone and keep it close.

Quartz – what about the future

Since quartz is a mineral naturally formed underground and currently abundant it’s rather unlikely that someday we will run out of its sources. With fast advancing technology and the progress in science it is always possible to find new deposits. Therefore, there is little to worry about. What is important however, is not whether we will run out of the quartz any time soon but rather what can quartz uses in the coming future be?
Computers and technology is definitely an area where quartz will always have its place. With the fast dynamics of information technology and unique quartz qualities there certainly will be many application for quartz. Another promising area is building and construction industry. Engineered quartz surface are already gaining momentum. One thing is certain, with so many interesting features quartz will definitely find its use.

white kitchen with neutral colours accessories

Refresh your kitchen with quartz countertops

Are going to update your kitchen design? Would you like to change something what will improve the general look of your kitchen? If the answers are “yes”, then you should definitely consider the installation of new countertops. Of course it depends on condition of the countertops you already have, but this would be a big and useful change.

Countertops are not only decorative part of your cabinetry, but in the first place, they should be practical. In this way, we recommend choosing some durable and beautiful material as quartz. Why should you go for it? There are presented several simple and justifiable reasons why we should form a friendship with quartz countertops. We can also assure you that this will be long-lasting friendship which will stand a lot of hardships. First of all, Quartz is even more durable than the most commonly used natural stones like granite, marble or soap stone.

According to Mohs hardness mineral scale, quartz takes the forth place in the list of ten 10 the hardest materials. Only, diamonds, sapphire and topaz are harder than quartz. In addition, unlike granite or marble, quartz requires no sealing or polishing. It is even resistant to staining from wine, coffee or oil. If something spills, you will clean easily just with a mild dish-soap diluted in warm water.Rinse it with water and dry with a soft cloth. Thanks to its resistance and durability, it is always smooth and glossy.

Moreover, quartz is available in various colours, so undoubtedly, you will find something the most suitable for your cabinetry and the style of your kitchen. It is also non-porous, so there are no conditions for bacteria to grow. However, to be virtually bacteria-free, quartz countertop should be cleaned on a regular basis.Once you have decided upon a colour, then you should also decide on the edge profile of your quartz countertops, for instance, the bevel edge, the straight east edge, the ogee edge, and the round bullnose edge.  Furthermore, there is also possible to use quartz in backsplash or even to cover the walls. They will be really practical, as you can clean from such surfaces absolutely anything with the great ease.

Although quartz is very hard and durable, we recommend not using abrasive or harsh scouring powders on it. In addition, avoid leavinghot potsdirectly on the surface. It is much better to use a trivet or just a simple pad. Theoretically, you can cut something on the quartz surface, but it will dull your knife. Nevertheless, quartz is very a beautiful and expensive material, so do not use it as a cutting board. We would like to pay your attention to the relation between color and dust: the more dark the surface is, the more visible all dust and stain are on it. Because of this reason, light and multi-colours countertops are more practical. Beautiful and functional – quartz is undoubtedly on of the best options for any kitchen. If you try it, you will love it.

Quartz worktops

Quartz worktops and their greatest advantages

Quartz worktops and their greatest advantages

It may seem that when you are searching for a high quality kitchen worktop, a natural stone is the only option for you. On the contrary! Stonemasons and workshop manufacturers also offer splendid quartz worktops which are as good as granite ones. How are they made and what are they best features? Read on to know more.

Quartz worktops – what are they made of

To create a conglomerate (another name for quartz) worktops a crushed granite, marble, resin with hues added are mixed. The whole process requires high temperatures which harden the whole structure. What is worth mentioning is the fact that quartz worktops can be made with polished or matte finishing. The structure of such worktop can be smooth or have a unique pattern – it all depends on the specific order and the type of interior you want to fit the whole thing in.

Advantages of conglomerate worktops

Now you know what a quartz worktop is, but why are they so great? First of all, their weight is one of the biggest pros. They are about 20% lighter than those made of natural stone. Thus, the transport and installation process is easier and cheaper. One of the biggest advantages is the price – quartz worktops are much less expensive than granite ones, yet they are as durable, resistant and beautiful as their natural counterparts. Due to the fact that the surface of such worktop is smooth, any stains and dirt cannot penetrate the structure, which makes a quartz worktop very easy to clean. You jsut need a damp cloth and polish the whole surface with soft one till it dries.

In addition, the conglomerate is resistant to high temperatures. Not as granite, unfortunately, but nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about it too much. Just don’t put extra hot pots on it. It can also be scratched or dented of course, but such damage is easy to remove – usually you just have to polish it. Moreover, quartz worktops do not absorb any smell and are much warmer than granite ones, as they are able to cumulate heat from their surroundings. They are not flammable and very resistant to chemicals. Additionally, the structure is slightly bendable and elastic, so it won’t break so easily. Furthermore, the conglomerate worktops can be connected without welding, so you can create many interesting shapes without damaging the surface and you can even repair it without much hassle. Thus, quartz worktops can last for years and stay beautiful for a lifetime.

In the end it is also worth adding that quartz worktops look as exclusive and elite as natural stoner worktops. They will look good in any interior and thanks to the huge variety of available colors they can be matched with any design. As such, a choice of a quartz worktop is simply a good idea.

Countertops' materials

Countertops’ materials in the kitchen

Countertops’ materials

Countertops’ materials & Kitchen is considered to be woman’s kingdom. Very often, people claim, especially men, kitchen is the woman’s place. For most of us it sounds as if it has offensive overtone, but in reality, it is true. There is nothing wrong in fact that most kitchens are dominated by women. Even if for some of them term “kitchen” associates only with negative meaning, women should really change their ordinary kitchens into “real kingdoms”. Nowadays, there are so many beautiful and innovative designs that cooking and spending time in our kitchen is pleasure not a duty.

It is worth mentioning that fashion has dominated each aspect of our life including home equipment and decorations. Thanks to this, we are allowed to find a happy medium between practicalness and modern design. In addition, follow trends might be in line with reasonable prices as well. One of the most vital part of the kitchen equipment are countertops. When we are choosing a design of countertops, the most important thing we should draw our attention to is a raw material. Remember that countertops should be not only practical, i.e., easy to maintain and durable, but also it should be kind of “representative” element. Because of that, we prepared some useful information and tips related to countertops materials, which of them are particularly worth your attention.

The most durable and presentable materials are natural stone such granite, marble or limestone. Countertops made from any of aforementioned stones look aesthetic and they are a guarantee of great long-lasting effect. These materials are not only available in various colours, but also they are resilient and thereby durable. Probably, the only drawbacks of such natural stones are their prices as ordering kitchen equipment with such countertops can make a dent in our budget.

For those who are looking for something really special and unique, we recommend lava stone counters. As the name presents, it is volcanic stone, unfortunately, easy to purchase only in France. Because of these reasons, and its great resilient qualities, for lava stone countertops we have to pay sky-high prices. Nevertheless, those customers who really love stylish and originally designed accessories should opt for it.

The other material worth recommendation is glass. It looks so elegant, luxuriously and, in spite of appearances, glass countertops are smooth but easy to maintain. Moreover, as marble or granite countertops, they are also durable and heat tolerant. The other things that these two types have in common are their prices. Glass countertops are also high-priced.

If you cannot afford to buy something extremely expensive, the good option would be tile countertops. They are available in wide range of colours and styles. In addition, they are also known to be heat resilient and thereby they last for a long times as well. In general, tile countertops are accessible in budget prices.

Of course, described materials are the only ones used in countertops’ manufacturing. Our goal was only to give you a short and genral overview of the most original stones and materials.