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Ceramic worktops

Ceramic worktops – possible arrangements

Modern kitchen worktops – qualities

Kitchen is  a very important part of our houses. Very often kitchen is the very centre of all day’s works and activities. Sometimes, it’s even the gathering place where family meetings take place. Of course, kitchen’s look depends on many factors. Consider for example the following: wall paint, windows’ seizes and frames,  general layout, furniture and appliances, worktops and finally general style.

Modern day kitchens tend to move toward simplicity, minimalism and high practicality and in this way lose a little of their individual character. Contemporary sleek materials and smooth surfaces make kitchens appear sterile and soulless. What’s more, sometimes there’s no kitchen at all, only open space nook with electric kettle and tiny stove to cook at leisure. There’s no such a thing as worktop.

All in all, it appears there’s some kind of paradox with regards to modern kitchens. On the hand, kitchen still remains the very centre of our daily lives, and then on the other it’s somehow lost its personal touch and warm welcoming atmosphere. How can you feel good and perform all your actions in  a sterile, white washed and too smooth place? The answer is to keep your kitchen worktop at all cost. How can you do it and what kitchen worktop materials are best?

Ceramic worktops – design

Kitchen worktop is a simple answer to a difficult questions. Although, it’s not a perfect solution for all kitchens, think of smaller ones, it’s best to try. First of all, you should think of kitchen worktop’s materials. There’s plenty to choose from. Basically, there are two options, natural stones or engineered materials. With regards to natural stones the most common choices are marble and granite. With regards to engineered ones it’s quartz and ceramic.

Granite and marble have plenty of advantages, yet for some people they aren’t suitable. Due to natural stones’ relatively high prices, specific texture and limited set of colours, it’s sometimes best to choose something different. Ceramic worktops are gaining momentum now and are proved to be a good choice for kitchen worktops.

Ceramic worktops are a perfect combination of practical ceramic qualities and technological achievements. Ceramic worktops are known for their high resistance to many harmful factors, relative thickness which makes them resistant to scratches and heavy impacts, high durability and interesting texture. Ceramic worktops can really make a difference in modern day soulless kitchens. They can add a little personal touch and allure that can set off even the bleakest kitchen.

Ceramic worktops prices

Ceramic worktops prices – places and offers

Ceramic worktops qualities

Ceramic worktops are gaining popularity now. They are a great alternative to natural stones such as granite and marble, but also to engineered stones like quartz. Ceramic worktops are made from clay that’s exposed to high temperatures and undergoes several manufacturing processes that strengthen it and enhance its qualities. Ceramic worktops are basically characterised by beautiful look and a lot of practical qualities which make it suitable for all kinds of applications.

Since ceramic is manufactured it can have variety of possible colours as opposed to natural stones which colour range is limited. It’s also particularly resistant to scratches, heat and stains. Unfortunately, it’s not as hard as granite or quartz therefore, it’s rather easy to be damaged by heavy loads or impacts. Therefore, keep in mind to be extra careful with heavy objects that can fall onto the ceramic surface.

Ceramic worktops installation and fitting

Interestingly, ceramic worktops fitting and installation is pretty easy. Ceramic surfaces are rather light, therefore they are also easy to install. The risk of damage facing the whole installation process is much reduced when compared to fitting and installation of hard natural rocks like granite. Relatively easy installation of ceramic worktops automatically makes their prices less expensive and competitive. What are other factors influencing ceramic worktops prices?

Ceramic worktops prices – offers

Ceramic worktop prices are much lower than prices of natural stones. Granite and marble due to various reason are pretty expensive, just think of uncovering deposit sites, excavation and mining, on site storage and finally shipment to the country of destination. Ceramic worktops prices seen in context are lower and there’s no surprise. Moreover, relatively low ceramic worktops prices don’t affect their qualities and practical properties. Therefore, ceramic worktops can be a viable alternative to natural stones or such engineered surfaces as quartz.

What’s more, ceramic worktops come in various colours and can have different finish – metal, rustic or concrete. They can definitely make a beautiful addition to your kitchen. Ceramic worktop in unusual colour can undoubtedly draw attention of your guests and add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. Therefore, it’s best to start looking for kitchen worktops now and consider choosing a ceramic one. Luckily, the market if full of offers and it’s relatively easy to find your local supplier who can satisfy all your needs.

Ceramic surfaces

Ceramic surfaces – qualities and applications

What are ceramic surfaces

Modern day design is mostly focused on three aspects, these are simplicity, functionality and minimalism. When you combine these three very often you end up with super-sterile interiors which somehow appear soulless and cold. Although, modern rules of design can be good, very often people forget that there’s more to home interiors than order, sterile level of cleanliness and practicality bought at the cost of mood and atmosphere. To have your home interiors truly yours and full of body and welcome you need to add something that can set them off and bring a little of chaos into modern all too-orderly interiors. You can achieve this for example with ceramic surfaces.

Although, at first sight it may appear that ceramic surfaces, with their smoothness and clear lines fall under modern day design rules, you can use them to do just the opposite. Ceramic surfaces, which are made of clay that’s properly modified and engineered to resemble solidity and smoothness, can make a huge difference. Additionally, if ceramic surfaces are expertly engineered they can be highly durable and resistant. Through proper modification ceramic surfaces can withstand very hard conditions and factors, both external and internal. Let’s illustrate this with proper example. What are the most commonly encountered ceramics’ applications?

Ceramic surfaces – applications

Ceramic applications are many, but one of the most popular ones are ceramic worktops. You can find ceramic worktops in bathrooms or in kitchens. Such surfaces are especially popular in kitchens since they are resistant to heat, moist and bacteria. They are properly modified and can easily withstand kitchen conditions which, if you’re really cooking there, can be very harmful. Still, ceramic surfaces are simplistic and practical. What can make them truly yours in modern design kitchen? To jazz up the design and give it a human touch you can think of unusual shapes of your kitchen worktop or catchy colours that at first sight may look out of place and too visibly contrast with the whole interior. When you play with what’s to be expected you can break the sterile air of uniform modern design.


Traditional VS Contemporary Bathrooms

Traditional VS Contemporary Bathrooms

I frequently discover is the fact when we search for guidance regarding bathrooms, we generally start off uncertain of exactly what style they might like. With regards to bathrooms, the very first thing to question is conventional or modern?

In the event you fall under the group of being doubtful which style you favour or perhaps you and your companion differ on a style, the smartest thing to do is researching! There is certainly a plethora of information, facts and inspiration readily accessible, and being aware of what you want and what you are looking for is an enormous portion of forming an effective and durable bathroom, which you as well as your family members may appreciate for many years to arrive. Gather photos that you just adore then,eventually, you are going to begin seeing a pattern building up, which will tell you exactly what appearance you truly want to opt for. After you have made the decision, visit your nearby bathroom designer, who is able to provide you with direction, sound and professional advice.

Conventional bathrooms are stunning. For those who reside in a period property, they could be an exquisite option, sitting down effortlessly in the infrastructures and creating an everlasting and spectacular attribute. brick effect tiles, and monochrome colours. This really is a perfect look in case you don’t wish to tile your whole room but want to paint the top regions of the walls, end the tiled parts with a tile dado for a pro finish. Take a look at Victorian or Edwardian bathrooms for stimulation, and picture the luxurious high-level cistern WC’s with opulent brackets in addition to the gorgeous roll top bathroom tubs. For brass ware, think about silver nickel or antique gold rather than the more modern surface finish of chrome. With conventional bathrooms, you need to be smart with the way you incorporate advanced technology into the bathroom. Avoid LED lights or anything else that is clearly a modern creation as this can detract from the conventional appearance that you would like. Make use of ornate sconces and wall lights as opposed to spotlight. Furthermore have you thought about concealed contemporary technologies along the lines of mirror demisted pads and underfloor heating, technologies you are unable to notice! Lastly, in terms of furniture, seek hand painted, free standing cupboards and cabinets.

When considering modern bathrooms, just about anything is achievable. With materials and colours, you really can afford to be imaginative and bold. Explore tiles – think about big format tiles, for a classy minimalism. Generate interest with mosaic accessories ; make use of the identical shade in some other texture, or insert a gleaming mother of pearl for an expensive, spa-like feel. You can find such a vast selection of sanitary ware, there is absolutely no restriction to what can be done. For an extremely modern yet minimalist appearance, why not consider affixed matte white-coloured toilets and basins? Wall mounted furniture tends to make cleaning up that further bit easy, and then combined with chrome brass ware, they produce an appearance which is beautiful, clean and sleek. Modern bathrooms are generally minimal by their very nature, therefore think about built in cupboards and hidden storage. Always keep mess behind the scenes, thus the expected abundance of toiletries doesn’t obtain focus off from the all round effect.

There is certainly a risk with modern bathrooms that one could opt for a design that dates very fast. In case you are anxious about this, pick items which have invariably been stylish. As an example, a tinted glass shower screen looks remarkable, however in an extravagant colour could get tedious to you rapidly, look into a tinted bronze or smoked glass screen that will always look great. The key advantage of modern bathrooms is the fact that you may showcase modern technology in any way and also there surely is a great deal of options nowadays! Set up showers and baths offering chromotherapy features, the use of sound and lights to ease your mind and body. Maybe add an additional layer of practicality with infra-red faucets or bring back a linear drains and heated towel rail.

Regardless of which of the two significantly distinct appearances you choose upon, you can find a great deal of options on the market that every little thing could be tailored precisely to your needs and taste. All you need to start with is putting in the time and energy to get familiar with everything you really want so you may make your new luxurious bathroom an effective haven for times to come!