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Manchester quartz worktops

Quartz Worktops Manchester & Granite Worktops Manchester

Manchester worktops – which quartz / granite worktops company provides the most diverse service in the North West?

Greater Manchester is riddled with stone worktops companies. There are at least 20 companies which deal with production of granite , quartz , dekton and other sintered stone worktops. Many other provide vast other services e.g. only deal with manufacture or fitting. But there is one quartz worktops Manchester & granite worktops Manchester company which specialises in everything: Polish Granite LTD.Manchester granite worktops

Polish Granite are not only the suppliers of high-quality worktops using material from most prominent and renowned quartz & granite slab suppliers (Fugen, Compan, B-Stone, Technistone, Caesarstone, Levantina, Unistone, Silestone, Dekton Cosentino etc), their versatility is much greater than that of the nearby competition!

We purposely contacted them to complete some research for this article, and lo and behold, we learned that apart from selling quartz / granite worktops in Manchester and the rest of UK, Polish Granite also provide a multitude of other services that benefit the locals, as well as those who reside elsewhere.

Let’s list the services that this Manchester worktops company provides:

The basic/primary services:

  1. Granite / quartz worktops – selling, fitting, carrying out templatingManchester quartz worktops. In other words, everything that is expected. When a quote for the granite / quartz worktops is provided, apart from the main worktops, you can also request any other features: draining grooves, upstands, splashbacks, recess areas, rounded corners.
  2. Offcuts – chopping desks, windowsills, coffee tables etc. Whatever you like, and from whatever material (granite / quartz / ceramic)this company can provide from a selected pool of offcuts. Whatever they have available in stock can be chosen, and then cut to size in accordance to your measurements.

The additional services:

  1. Repair/Fixing – polishing, grinding, joining, levelling. If you have received your worktops from some dodgy company back in the day, and now your worktops are suffering, give Polish Granite a call. Their experience enables them to handle various predicaments. Whether your join has cracked or came undone, or you dropped a mug on the edge of your granite and it chipped – they can fix it. And the results are spectacular. Manchester quartz worktops
  2. Sale of cleaning products – anything from granite impregnator sealant to quartz cleaning and protective layer spray. They have it all.
  3. Cleaning/de-staining – this relates to the aforementioned nr. 1 i.e. damage of your existing worktops. If you’ve accidentally stained your worktops with coffee or wine, be sure to seek out the right help of specialists.
  4. Manchester granite worktopsCustom products Production – if you have any special requests/demands then don’t be afraid to ask. This company has never refused a complex service. They have handled massive granite / quartz projects, or executed elaborate worktop designs of vast shapes and sizes. If a custom product peaks you interest, present Polish Granite your plans, and they will handle the rest.

As you can see above, the list of the services is wide, and I’m sure if any of you readers desire something granite / quartz related, you’ll be able to find it with Polish Granite.

Comment down below whether there are any granite / quartz related services out there that are missing above!

Manchester kitchen worktops

Of course, everyone here at AGAM is aware that any funerary services e.g. production of gravestones is missing from Polish Granite’s Manchester offer. However, because this blog is strictly concerned with interior/exterior design, we think that the lack of gravestone service can be excused!

However, one thing that correlates to gravestones, and one that has been popular in the recent influx of interior design trends is the engraving service! And this is frankly what Polish Granite is lacking.

You may be asking how/why that is popular? Well, the answer is straightforward: engraving can be applied to various granite / quartz decorations: benches, tables, cladded walls – this isn’t a very popular method of decor, but it’s very unique. A bunch of different designs, portraits or patterns (not just script), can be inscribed into granite / quartz surfaces – almost resembling the draining grooves on stone worktops. We honestly feel this trend will only continue to grow, but to execute this process professionally, a master engraver is needed!

Manchester kitchen worktops

Another service we can think of is production of stone statues. Once again, for traditional exterior gardens, full of greenery and old-fashioned elements, these are fantastic solutions. But same as above, to execute this production a professional sculptor must be present, an artist with at least a decade of experience in this trade. Therefore we are not surprised so few Manchester quartz / granite worktops companies have this solution on offer.

List below if there’s any other granite or quartz treatment services that we missed and that Manchester companies out there could implement into their offer. We hope you enjoyed reading this article, and that the readers from Manchester will now have an easy pick if they ever search for quartz / granite services!


quartz splashback

Quartz Splashback for the kitchen – Is it worth purchasing?

Kitchen Splashbacks – Why are they so important?

When we design our perfect kitchen, when we opt for the right cabinets, the worktops and flooring, we never forget to actually consider what should go on the walls. Indeed, most of the walls will be covered with paint, but what of the wall behind our sink/hob? These ought to always be covered with something other than a bare wall – something more durable. After all, we need to bear in mind that these segments will be constantly subject to liquid splashing. Whether it is grease or oil bouncing from your hot pan, or the water glancing off the dishes in your sink. What you need, in this situation, is a glass/acrylic or quartz splashback.

ceramic splashback

The point is, the walls behind the sink/hob or cooker are continuously exposed to danger, and a wall covered with mere paint will not last long, and will need scraping/repainting within weeks. You need something stronger, something smooth and resistant that will withstand the scrubbing of your sponge, constant humidity or seething oil – in the end, you don’t want to be scraping the flaking paint off every time it comes to a clean.

That’s where the splashbacks come in – and as someone who owns one, I can guarantee that they are worth every penny. Not only will they save you cleaning time, they will also protect the wall, and most even embellish the kitchen! Their aesthetics can fantastically conform with the worktops or the cabinets!

Kitchen Splashbacks – What are the most popular choices available on the market? 

Glass Splashback 

These splashbacks have been commonly implemented into many households across the UK. They are reasonably priced, can come in various colours and are, of course, glossed. You can also purchase them in clear, therefore if you like the colour of your walls, now you can achieve just that. Many companies also offer them in vast thicknesses. The cool quality of these products, is that you can integrate virtually any image within them. A great example I found recently, is in one of my friends’ house – he purchased glass splashbacks but he had them done in an image of bricks. As a result, it looked as though his splashback wall was covered with nothing more but raw bricks. It was a fantastic effect, really cheating the eyes.

The only downfall to these products is that they can be easily damaged. It doesn’t occur very often, but if your pan slides out of your hand or you drop a mug and a ceramic shard hits the splashback, they can break – especially the thinner sizes.

Acrylic Splashback 

Acrylic Splashbacks are essentially products made out of plastic. They are durable and come in a wide palette of shades – therefore pairing them up with your cabinets or worktops is not a problem. Just like their glass equivalents, they are very hygenic, and all they require is a simple swipe with cloth to get off the dirt. They even leave behind less smudges than the glass products, so you don’t need special glass-cleaning detergents.

But above everything else, the production/fitting of these products is not laborious, compared to glass splashbacks, so not only you’ll be waiting less time for creation of custom-made acrylic splashbacks, but due to their light nature, you could have them fitted in an hour. This cannot be said for glass splashbacks, which require extensive man-power, carefulness and a lot of patience to install. From what I’ve read, the longest glass splashback installations for the bigger kitchens can last up to 3-4 hours.

quartz splashback

Another benefit of these products is that they can be amended at any point, if a need arises. So, if you suddenly decide that you’d like a cut-out for some plug sockets, it’s very much doable. Of course, you’d still have to ask for the service of specialist,  but it will take them very little time. A glass, in this circumstance would shatter. Once a glass splashback is in place, not much else can be done to ammend it.

In terms of price, they are much cheaper than glass splashbacks – but this depends entirely on the manufacturers and your bespoke demands.

Quartz Splashback 

Now, despite the above mentioned splashbacks having a lot of great qualities, there is one kind that we cannot recommend enough – a quartz splashback.

These products dominate on the present splashback market. I own one myself,  and after learning the benefits of these products I swapped my old acrylic for this one. But why are they so special? The reasons are many!

    1. A quartz splashback is more resistant and long lasting than glass or acrylics. Because of their quartz + resin blend, they are virtually indestructible. This isn’t just beneficial for accidental impact damage . . . no, these products will outlast glass or acrylic in terms of general longevity. When making research about the nature of quartz splashback, I reached out to a company called Polish Granite who sell these products on a weekly basis. They enlightened us that some of their earliest customers have purchased quartz splashbacks along with quartz worktops, and 14 years later they still remain in pristine condition. This cannot be said for glass or acrylic, which naturally degrade over time, de-colour, scratch or break.
    2. Contrary to belief, a quartz splashback does not fade in colour. Indeed! It’s properties are so well matched that the product will outlive your entire kitchen, and still retain its original hues or patterns.quartz splashback
    3. You can match a quartz splashback with your existing quartz worktop. That’s right, thanks to these products you can now create a seamless whole i.e. make it seem that your worktop essentially climbs up your wall! It’s often believed that because of its weight, a quartz splashback cannot breach a size of more than approx 80cm x 90cm – that’s absolute nonsense! The current trend is to cover the whole wall with the same product as your worktop. See the picture above of a full quartz splashback, which displays my point. Doesn’t it look great? You can finally get a product that’s made of exact same material as your main worktops. It looks seamless, it looks smooth and above all it’s fashionable. Many celebrities, architectures or interior designers opt for this solution in this day and age. It’s an unparalleled effect that cannot be gained with glass or acrylic – unless of course, you get worktops from that same products, which would be highly unpractical.
    4. They too can be amended at any point. So, if all of a sudden you require the whole piece cutting, or desire a socket put in place, that can easily be done. But once more, professionals will need to be involved who arrive at your property with special saws and grinding tools.
    5. Another positive point to mention is that they can be contrasted with your worktops. There are vast quartz varieties out there, so you can mix and match whatever you like. For example, you can choose the Calacatta White marble-lookalike worktops, but then opt for Nero Marquina splashbacks (it’s essentially calacatta veiny design, but in black) which will create a fantastic contrast.

Now, the only minor issues to these products are the following:

A quartz splashback is quite heavy, and it’s installation will require some time + at least 2-3 men. But worry not, I ordered mine along with the new quartz worktops, and the fitters installed everything in a matter of hours. So as long as you choose a reliable company, you don’t need to worry about time spent on fitting.

quartz splashback

Another minor drawback is that they can be more expensive than the glass or acrylic counterparts. But hey, if you’re going to pay £100 more for a product that will outlive glass/acrylic by two decades, then surely it’s money well spent? Think of it as an investment.

So, that’s all we have for today in terms of splashbacks. It may seem that I’m a little biased towards quartz, but I owned 2/3 of these splashback solutions. I also delt with glass ones when renting a flat during university, and did a lot of research to prepare for this topic. Trust me when I say this, nothing can equate to the great qualities of quartz splashbacks.

If you think that none of these suit your agenda, you can always opt for tiles! They have the same function as splashbacks, but are very time consuming to implement, and may cost even as much as a quartz splashback – depending on the type and theme you choose. Nonetheless, in case you want to indulge more in this subject, I’m attaching a link to an article we posted a while back on practical tips related to tiling: Tiles Practical Tips

I hope this guideline has been helpful! Please comment down below which splashback variety is your favourite. Likewise, if you have any questions regarding each type, don’t hesitate to ask.

ceramic worktops cost

How Much Do Ceramic Worktops Cost?

Have you ever wondered whether price for ceramic worktops exceeds that of granit and quartz?

Although all furniture in the kitchen must be made of high quality materials, a worktop should have the highest resistance. After all, we work on them almost every day, preparing meals, coffee, pouring drinks etc. Currently, various materials are used in the production of kitchen worktops, but ceramics deserve special attention. But how much do these sophisticated ceramic worktops cost?

Ceramic worktops for kitchens

Among all the materials used in the production of laboratory worktops, ceramics is considered the best. Ceramic worktops are suitable for the most extreme conditions, with excellent resistance to chemical cleaning products and very high temperatures.

The lack of sensitivity to chemicals makes it possible not only to work freely in the kitchen, but also to maintain a high level of hygiene in the worktop. Ceramics is a non-absorbent material, therefore it is easy to remove any dirt and discolouration from its surface. What is important, even prolonged contact with cleaning agents does not change the structure of the worktop surface.

Ceramic worktops cost – can the great functionality and interior fit excuse the price?

The kitchen worktop made of ceramic tiles offers many possibilities of colour and pattern combinations. A wide range of colours allows you to create a variety of design effects, such as harmonious adjustment to the rest of the kitchen equipment or the combination of individual elements on the basis of contrast. Depending on our preferences, we can also opt for a matt or glossy finish. However, high aesthetic values are not the only advantages of ceramic worktops. They are easy to clean and care for and resistant to scratches that occur during everyday use of the equipment.ceramic worktops cost

Appropriate dimensions will make the worktop functional and the preparation of meals on it – comfortable. Its width should be about 60 cm and its length should be 80 cm. You can also adjust the ceramic worktop to your height, determining its height 15 cm below the crook of the elbow.

So, how much do ceramic worktops cost?

In order to receive a near exact price for ceramic worktops cost, you would have to contact specialists. I highly recommend Polish Granite LTD. I’ve corresponded with them before regarding many stone worktops and they’ve been very helpful, but most of all, informative. Their knowledge is great and they are the true experts when it comes to price. I would say it all depends entirely on the type and size of your kitchen, the material you choose and your specific demands.

Ceramic materials are industrially manufactured, but unlike quartz, ceramic worktops are 100% natural. The production process of ceramic worktops is more complex and time-consuming, resulting in higher prices. As a result, the ceramic worktops cost can be really steep. The following page is a blog that Polish Granite released of late. It is a step-by-step guide to their Online Quote calculator which in a matter of 5 minutes can generate your ceramic worktops price. I think having a go at this will be able to define your question, because like I mentioned above, it all depends on the material you choose and the size of your individual kitchen.ceramic worktops cost

As a general rule of thumb though, ceramic worktops usually start at 350 pounds per square meter, so they are about 20% more expensive than granite or quartz worktops. Please note, however, that the prices of materials are subject to constant fluctuations, so it is advisable either to contact the kitchen worktop manufacturer or suppliers directly, and enquire about the correct prices.

Choosing the right kitchen worktop has a huge impact on the comfort of daily use of this space, but also on the aesthetic reception of the interior. Ceramic worktops, which are characterised by high resistance to scratches, stains and high temperatures, are becoming more and more popular. Their final price and properties depend, however, on the selected tiles, the quality of workmanship and the finish of the entire worktop.

polish granite

Polish Granite – beauty enchanted in stone

Stone is a gift of nature, whose properties are irreplaceable in every room, especially in the kitchen. First of all, kitchen worktops made of marble or granite are resistant to scratches and abrasion – they can be cut on them without using a board. You can also put a hot pot on a stone table without worrying that its surface will be damaged. Stone is also highly resistant to moisture and dirt. All these features make Polish Granite products an ideal choice for any modern interior.

Polish Granite – beauty enchanted in stone

Marble, granite and quartzogranites are the main materials on which Polish Granite works. The company has been operating on the market since 2006 and is now available to customers from the UK and Poland.  The company offers a wide range of products – from small stone fillings to e.g. stone stairs. From the Polish Granite offer we particularly recommend granite kitchen tops and marble bathroom tops, but also stone window sills and natural stone floors, which look very elegantly adding a luxurious character to the room, which is their undeniable advantage.

It is worth remembering that a granite or marble table top in every kitchen wins in competition with synthetic materials. The need to surround oneself with natural materials, such as stone and wood, seems to result not only from their beauty, but also from the feeling that houses finished with natural materials are healthier.

Kitchen worktops made of stone are primarily ecological, because their compact structure prevents the absorption of any substances, thus preventing the development of bacteria. Polish Granite kitchen worktops present themselves very elegantly, adding a luxurious character to the kitchen, which is their undeniable advantage. In addition, on the website of the company you can find a dedicated application that will allow you to choose a stone worktop, know its price and order, without leaving home. and without incurring costs. Completely free of charge and in just a few seconds you will get to know the average prices of marble kitchen or bathroom worktop made of granite.

A novelty in the offer are undoubtedly wall panels, which perfectly replace the traditional tiles. They are made of large glass panes, thanks to which they perfectly protect walls against dirt and at the same time look very effective both in traditional and modern kitchen interiors. Glass surface perfectly reflects light, and rich colors make it easy to match glass to any type and color of cabinets.


Polish Granite ( boasts many completed stone works for individual clients, such as kitchen worktops, as well as large projects such as stone facades and interior finishing of offices, hotels and other public buildings. In addition, the company has numerous recommendations and enjoys the reputation of a company that offers good service and a product of the highest quality. For years it has been cooperating with respected stone companies such as Levantina, Compac, Ingemar, Technistone, B-Stone, Silestone, Diresco.

granite off cuts

Unlimited possibilities for the use of granite off cuts

Granite off cuts

Natural stone has a wide range of applications. We make beautiful countertops for kitchens and bathrooms, we finish floors and walls with it, we create elegant stairs and fireplace casings. However, this is only the beginning of the proposal for the use of stones such as granite, because there are many more of them.

Unlimited possibilities for the use of granite offcuts

Stone companies often require customers to purchase the entire stone slab, for example for a worktop or window sill. Usually the minimum length of a worktop is 3-4 meters, so if the customer needs a smaller element, in this case, usually after installation smaller or larger pieces of stone are left. How can we use the granite off cuts?

Depending on the size of the material you can use granite off cuts on:

  • table top, bedside table, chest of drawers
  • wall-bracket plinths
  • cutting boards or boards
  • decorative doorways
  • window sills
  • kitchen and bathroom shelves
  • decorative tiles
  • vase supports, cups and other utensils
  • stable and decorative loudspeaker stands, standing lamps
  • garden decoration elements
  • house number plates
  • paperweights
  • wall mosaics

These are just a few of our proposals, because different decorative stones also have a much wider application, so you can adjust them individually to the interior design. Today, granite elements are very popular in interiors, so such decorations will surely be a hit.

Of course, other granite off cuts can also be glued together – for this purpose, adhesives designed for natural stone are most often used, which will not damage the surface of the stone. These elements can also be engraved using the laser method, for example house number or other inscriptions or graphics can be made on them.
So if you have any granite left over from your kitchen or bathroom countertop, you don’t have to throw it away, because you can use it to create a variety of decorations both inside and outside your home.

stone stairs

How do you prevent stone stairs from slippery?

Have you decided to build a stone staircase? Remember that they cannot be slippery, because only then will they be comfortable and completely safe to use. What should be done to prevent them from becoming slippery? We have a few propositions.

  1. Use for stairs tiles with a rough, and therefore non-slip, finish. Pea, sand, split, flame retardant, grooved, cut and chair textured products will work best. Their structure is irregular, so even when they’re wet or icy, your feet won’t lose grip, so the risk of falling is minimal.
  2. You can use electrically heated cladding on the external stairs to prevent icing on the steps. They consist of heating cables, humidity and temperature sensors and thermoregulators. They switch on automatically and are completely safe. The devices take the necessary measurements and determine whether it is necessary to heat the surface.
  3. When it comes to internal stairs, it is best to use anti-slip protection in the form of rough adhesive tapes or refined profile rubbers. A good solution is also to install brass, steel or aluminium profiles in the steps.
  4. The slippery surface of the stairs can be significantly reduced by making milled cuts (strips) in the stairs. However, you must be careful not to damage the structure of the material permanently. What is more, after the work has been done, you should protect the stone with an impregnating agent, which will increase its resistance to stains and moisture. In order to ensure that everything is done properly, we advise you to seek professional help or purchase products that have already been adapted in this way.
  5. Material or rubber rugs can also be attached to stone stairs. Of course, they will not look so impressive, but when there is no other option, it is worth to use this idea.


Finally, we will only mention that there is no obligation for anti-slip solutions in homes. So if using the stairs is comfortable and does not pose a risk of falling, there is nothing to worry about. It is enough to be particularly careful when climbing, and after washing the stairs wait until they are completely dry.

stone floors

Frequent mistakes in laying stone floors

Stone floors look very impressive, but their proper execution requires appropriate knowledge, experience and equipment. Unfortunately, the lack of any of the above factors often leads to making mistakes, which may cost us dearly. Those that happen most often during the installation of stone tiles are discussed in the further part of the article. Are you interested in them? We invite you to read more!

  1. The use of equipment adapted to the cutting of ceramics, while it is necessary to use saws and diamond blades, which allow smooth and even stone cutting. They are expensive and their type should be chosen according to the type of stone used, because only then can the intended effect be achieved..
  2. Application of adhesive and joint mortars with cement slurry in a set with a stone made of acidic rock. Their contact may cause an indifference reaction and lead to unsightly stains on the surface of the stone, which cannot be removed in any way. Therefore, a person who specialises in flooring should know the acidity of stones and choose adhesives and grouts to match them.
  3. Laying stone tiles on dry concrete ground, which significantly prolongs the whole drying process.
  4. Hurry during work, accompanied by the lack of control over the equality of the floor with the use of a spirit level and easy two-metre long. Neglecting to do so can make the floor look bad.
  5. Too fast jointing, which should be done only after the adhesive has dried well. It is best to wait a week, but in the meantime care for the floor by pouring water on it when the joints are not filled.
  6. Failure to verify that the tile adheres to the ground with its entire surface (this can be checked by tapping – when the tile makes a deafening sound, it means that there is a free space between the tile and the ground). Of course, not adhering to a tile does not have to result in it cracking or falling off right away, but this problem should be eliminated as far as possible.
window sills

All about stone window sills

Natural stone is mainly used to make worktops, tiles, stairs and wall cladding. However, it is also suitable for window sills. Why? Because it is extremely durable and resistant to high temperatures, moisture or mechanical damage. We will discuss which grades of window sills should be made of, whether their assembly requires the use of brackets and what thickness they should be, in the further part of the article. So, we invite you to read it!

Stone window sills – useful information

  1. Internal window sills should be made of durable granite. It is the most resistant and the least absorbent of all those on the market. There are no stains on its surface, so for a long time it retains a wonderful appearance. You can use marble instead. It will perform equally well, but remember that it is much easier to stain and absorbs water, so it is worth increasing its resistance by impregnation. The same applies to travertine. It has a higher porosity, so it is easier for water to penetrate deep into its structure. Because of this, we also advise to protect it with an appropriate impregnation.
  2. The thickness of the window sill should be min. 2 cm for narrow and min. 3 cm for longer windows. Of course, these are not fixed standards and the products may be much thicker, but you have to be aware that then their price will increase significantly.
  3. As a rule, the installation of stone window sills does not require the use of additional brackets. They are used only when the product protrudes 2/3 of its width beyond the window niche. Only supports can provide stability. Of course, the product should be inserted under the window frame and wedged on both sides in the side openings of the window niche. If the situation requires it, the wall should be forged in appropriate places.
  4. On properly fixed stone window sills you can stand e.g. to hang curtains. The weight of an adult person should not harm them if 2/3 of their width is adequately supported by a wall or supports.
  5. There is no reason not to place flower pots on stone window sills. All you have to do is make sure that they do not have sharp edges that could scratch the perfectly smooth surface of the stone. What’s more, it should also be avoided prolonged contact with liquids, so any spills should be wiped off immediately. A very good solution is to use special mats and washers, which will minimize the risk of damage to the product, which could occur while moving the pots.


Granite worktops online quote

Granite worktops online quote

Granite worktops online quote – the most important benefits

Have you renovated your kitchen and decided to replace your old worktop with a new one made of natural stone? It’s a great idea! However, before the moment of its installation, you must first place an order for its execution. In order to do this, you should contact the stone company and present the details of the project so that it can evaluate the implementation of the order. A great solution is also granite worktops online quote. This is an excellent option, which will give you an idea of the estimated costs of the product, but not only. Why is it still worth to use it? You will find the answer in the further part of the text.

Granite worktops online quote – the best advantages of the solution:

  • Convenience – in order to know the approximate price of worktops you don’t have to leave the house. Just sit in front of the computer and go through the next steps of the valuation. The wizard is very intuitive. All you have to do is to indicate the product parameters by selecting them from the given information. Easily, quickly and comfortably.
  • Saving time – sending a dozen or several dozen inquiries with a request for valuation of the project may take a lot of time. Therefore, if you want to save it, use the granite worktops online quote. You will find all the information in one place. In addition, you will be able to compare the prices of products made of different materials, and this will give you more choice and make it easier to make the final decision, especially if you have a limited budget.
  • Variety of colours – in the application for table tops pricing there are photos of particular materials, so you do not have to choose them blindly or search the photo database on the Internet to find out what shade of stone is hidden under a given name. This is a great help, especially if you don’t have much knowledge of the subject. Photos will also make it easier for you to match the shade to your interior design, because you have to remember that worktops are an integral part of the whole composition, so they have to harmonize with the style of the room and the color of walls, floor and furniture.
  • You will know the costs – using a valuation tool will allow you to determine the estimated cost of making worktops from different varieties of granite. You will be able to compare the amounts obtained and on their basis decide which products meet your requirements and fall within the price range you have set.
  • Huge knowledge base – using the granite worktops online quote you will learn what information and technical parameters should be given when placing an order. Thanks to this you will not forget about anything and gain knowledge, which may prove useful in the future (e.g. when placing another order or advising friends on the selection of work surfaces in the kitchen).

As you can see, the benefits of granite worktops online quote is quite a lot, so it is worth using this solution. However, bear in mind that the results obtained through the application are only approximate. Therefore, in order to get to know more precise costs of order execution and possible assembly, it is necessary to contact an employee of the company, who will take into account all aspects and on the basis of their analysis will prepare an estimate of the cost of the service.

Granite worktops Liverpool

Granite worktops Liverpool – hard class

Sooner or later, when designing furniture, you come to the moment of choosing the type of worktop that will be used in them. In this area we will have to choose from a very wide range of products. Nowadays, countertops are made of many types of materials, starting from laminated chipboards, through wooden countertops, composite materials or stainless steel. This range of materials also includes granite, a quartz rock of natural origin.  When properly treated, it gives you a granite worktops Liverpool, a luxury product that we will have the opportunity to take a closer look at today.

Granite kitchen worktop – general characteristics

Granite is a magma rock composed of quartz, orthoclaz, plagioclaz, biotite. It takes different colors from grey, through white pink, green, red to black. Its physical properties perfectly predispose it for building applications, one of them is to make kitchen worktops in these cases should be properly impregnated. As a very hard material it has excellent resistance to abrasion or drawing, another important feature is its total water resistance equal to that of composite worktops only.

Granite is also characterized by its resistance to high temperatures, accidental leaving a hot pot or pan on it will not leave any traces. A properly protected granite worktop is also relatively resistant to chemical reactions, but it is important to make sure that it is impregnated before use, because without this it can react to acidic or oily substances with a change in shade.

Visually, the granite worktops Liverpool look very solid and elegant, adding a luxurious character to the kitchen. With the help of special machines at the disposal of granite manufacturers, granite can be cut in many different ways and shapes, which gives a lot of room for manoeuvre when designing furniture. One of the most interesting possibilities is the use of grooves creating a natural drainer at the sink.

Visually, the granite worktop looks very solid and elegant, adding a luxurious character to the kitchen. With the help of special machines at the disposal of granite manufacturers, granite can be cut in many different ways and shapes, which leave a considerable margin of manoeuvre when designing furniture. One of the most interesting possibilities is the use of grooves creating a natural drainer at the sink.

One of the few drawbacks that it has is the fact that as a stone it makes a cold impression to the touch and visually does not warm the room. Therefore, it is best suited for applications where it will be able to contrast with warmer materials such as wood. Or, for example, in kitchens connected to living rooms with appropriate carpets. It fits perfectly with all types of wood. In combination with which it forms a very elegant furniture. Prices of marble start from about 700 PLN per m2 upwards. This is certainly an interesting solution for many years, which brings with it excellent physical properties and also looks decent.

It is worth remembering that every granite worktop Liverpool is the only and not repeatable element, fully natural and ecological, which in the era of ubiquitous plastics is its next advantage.

How to take care of granite worktops Liverpool?

  • Although granite is a hard material, it can always scratch, use cutting boards and saucers for heavy pots and pans.
  • Any stains and dirt should be removed as soon as possible, and left too long may cause discolouration.
  • For cleaning, it is best to use special agents designed for the maintenance of stone.
  • Granite worktops should be impregnated regularly with designated agents, which will improve its visual properties and resistance to dirt.
  • Cleaning agents containing all kinds of acids, purified soda, silicone oils should be avoided.
  • In the absence of dedicated cleaning agents, the worktop can be cleaned with warm water or soapy water, but it is particularly important to wipe the worktop thoroughly so that no soap or liquid residue remains on it. This can later cause stains.

How to check if granite requires impregnation?

As we mentioned earlier, granite worktops Liverpool should be impregnated regularly in order to serve us for many years, maintaining its aesthetic and physical properties. How to find out if a worktop needs impregnation? The easiest way is to leave a damp towel on the worktop for about 5 minutes. If a dark stain remains on the worktop after lifting the towel, we know that the stone has started to absorb and it is time for the next impregnation.

Before impregnation, clean the worktop thoroughly and wipe it dry. The impregnate should be spread evenly with a brush or cloth, and after some time polished with a dry cloth. It is important to read how to use the impregnate, which you will buy, because they differ, e.g. drying time.

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